Special ordering??

  1. I've just heard that the Hermes boutiques in Japan will be accepting orders for the 25cm Birkin, 32cm HAC and 28/32cm Kellys soon. The leather and color choices are very limited, and each boutique will have a limited no. of orders available.

    The info is just coming in, so I cannot say for certainty that this is going to happen, but apparently in May this year, a limited no. of HAC orders were allowed and placed in Japan.

    I know the mothership allows orders if you happen to be there at the right time, but I'm curious about whether this kind of thing happens in other countries.

    Maybe with the increased number of craftsmen, Hermes might allow for more such orders soon.:yes:
  2. I would like to SO a bag someday. I'm going to see my SA in a couple weeks. I wonder if any of you have any tips on how to broach the subject with her.
  3. OOOH, I want a Birkin 25! So cute! I'd love to special order one Birkin and one Kelly someday.
  4. Hi Scarlett and Welcome!
    I don't know what your relationship with your SA is like, but it has been my limited experience that it is just best to ask about the store's SO policy in simple and open manner. I know that Shopmom has said that the SF store does not take SOsand each store is given a different quota that they are allowed to fill, so each store handles the subject differently. The SO spots are typically reserved for long-term, regular customers and often times (although this is certainly not always the case), the store will want you to 'prove' your potential as a longterm customer before they give you a SO. At first, it can definitely be easier get a regular Birkin before the SO and that is another story. Best of luck with your visit to Hermes and I hope that you come back with some treats!!
  5. That is such interesting info about the SO policy in Japan and also at the Mothership. I would LOVE to do a SO at the Mothership with all the optionns that they have --- it would be ideal.....Thanks for sharing it, westiepup!
  6. Wow. Is it expensive to get it specially ordered? I'd be in for one!
  7. This really depends on your relationship with your SA. I felt so comfortable with mine that the topic of SO came up as if we were discussing the weather. In fact he made the SO's for me without my knowledge and just came up to me and said Paris has accepted them. When I responded if they were SO's he responded that he had to do SO's because the bags I requested were rare in the size, leather, and color I requested. That's it, no fanfare.
  8. The Bal Harbor store SA claimed that SOs were on hold until January/February 2007.

    hermesgroupie - what did you special order?
  9. ^^^^^^Sus, sorry, I don't want to say because it may identify me.
  10. I'm still pretty much on the Hermes learning curve (a steep one at that), and I'm finding that the SO policies are different around the world. Paris appears to be much more open to creative combos requested by customers on its own turf, as well as from Japan. Outside of these 2 counties, the feeling is that Paris gets very selective and may not accede to the requests from the local stores' respective store managers. I wish there is a level 'playing field', but it just does not appear to be so.

    I have requested for a 30cm choc box calf, and if Paris is kind to my store manager in Feb, I think I should be able to see it in a year. If it just rejected, boy will I be sorely disappointed, as it would affirmatively confirm what I posted above. And that it'll depend on my store manager if she'll sacrifice one of her SO quota for me. :shrugs:
  11. Maybe these aren't strictly speaking SOs since the choices are really limited.. Example, for the 25cm Birkin, the only leather offered is Epsom in Black, BJ or Orange. Also, it's available on a first come first serve basis until the quota for the boutique is filled, so one really doesn't have to be an established customer. I'm tempted to visit the Ginza store on that day just to see if there is line forming.

    Good luck on your order going through, mrssparkles.
  12. Hmmm, okay. I think I will just come outright and ask her about special ordering. I have nothing to lose, right? I still believe I will find my Birkin by chance, i.e. just walking into the store at the right time. I won't be too dissapointed if I can't SO.
  13. Hummmm,... any Japan freinds out there for me!!!! :graucho: