Special ordering question

  1. I'm planning on my future after ban purchase... or I guess ban until SO is possibly done purchase.. Do you pay for the SO before or after the bag has arrived? Also how much extra is it to make the bag into epi from a mono bag? I thought it was just bag price + 30% if its mono -> damier. Okie thanks =]
  2. SO is price of the bag plus 30% and if approve there is a 50% non-refundable deposit.
  3. awesome thanks!
  4. ^^50% deposit upon order and the remaining balance upon completion...
  5. Yep! I special ordered the Damier Speedy 25 about two-three years ago. I put 50% down, but while it was on order, there was a price increase. When my bag finally came in, my SA gave it to me at the original quoted price instead of with the price increase. She's very nice!!! However, she technically refunded my deposit and then charged me in full for the special order purchase price when I picked it up. I think I ordered it in July 2004 and picked it up in late November 2004 and then of course, the Damier Speedys came out in 2006 (summer?) at a cheaper price than what I paid for the special order. Oh well!!! But I wouldn't mind special ordering the Cabas Mezzo in Damier!!! Or even the Petite Noe. Wishful thinking!!!
  6. i'm guessing soon you can order damier azur in other styles? i asked 866 about this and they told me they normall wait 6 months before considering special orders of new lines.
  7. Yep 6 months or so....depends how back up they re for the regular line...and as you know they re out of stock on the speedys, so I would think it will depend on how azur goes this summer.