Special Ordering on Revolveclothing.com


Love as thou wilt
Jul 4, 2006
a wonderful city
Has anyone every done this before? If so, how long did it take? They make it sound like it can take over a month, and I would really like to get this one item in a week or two at the most.


Sep 18, 2006
Manhattan, NY
I have tried several times, most of the time it never really worked.. I am assuming its not up to RC, its up to the designer. So even if you do a special ordering there is no guarantee that they will be able to do it. Most of hte times I received an email a week later saying they are still trying to contact the designer however they are not responding.. and then 3 weeks after that they will email me again saying they couldn't do it for me.

I would really not reply on it at all. I have only had 1 of my special orders ever come back into stock and available for me to order.


In LaLa Land
Sep 9, 2006
San Francisco
I've done it a few times. I think it depends on the brand. They were able to locate a sweater dress in my size in a few days, but my coat special order took a few weeks. Revolve's been good with follow-ups though. They send you an update every few days to keep you posted on the order progress.


Mar 23, 2007
I've tried to special order a couple of times, but never had any success since they had no luck securing my size from the designer. It took about three weeks for them to confirm that they weren't able to special order from the manufacturer for me. I think it's really out of Revolve's hands how fast they can verify availability and how fast they can get the special item. If you're on a time crunch I think you're probably better off ordering from another site and having it express mailed to you.


Jun 1, 2007
I've had similar experience like lithiumpearl and effinhaute. I had even informed them at one point that I found the item elsewhere and was no longer interested only to hear back a few weeks later they could not locate.

I do think they are very good with CS though and that these things are just out of their hands.