Special Ordering... Manipulating Buyers

  1. I just spoke to an SA at a store which I will not disclose.

    I expressed interest in buying a Birkin and was told I could be put on a list for podium in July if I were to purchase a Kelly from the podium in February.:yucky: :yucky: :yucky:

    I have no interest in buying a Kelly at this time. I think it is quite manipulative of an SA to only offer to help me out if I were to buy a bag I have no interest in.

    Anyone have any advice on what to say to possibly sweet-talk my way out of the purchase of a Kelly and onto the July podium list?
  2. I don't have any advice to give you, but I just wanna say that I'm not surprised at all to hear this. I experienced a similar thing before at my local Hermes here. SA said I have to buy a certain amount of goods first before I could put my name on the birkin waiting list. I declined and bought the birkins from France instead.
  3. Eire, nothing shocks me. I have heard some of the wildest stories.

    Consider buying a Kelly to resell if you really want to get that birkin in July. You don't need to make a mark up on the Kelly, but sell it for what you pay.

    I know it doesn't make it any better and you still don't like the feeling you have, but it is a thought.
  4. Oh Lordy....I hate hearing this but I've heard it before, too. I just don't know WHAT you could possibly tell this person, Eire and I'm usually good with come-backs. You would think that with all the Kelly-lovers in the world (Shopmom being one of them) that they wouldn't need "sell" more!

    My advice would probably be to find the bag of my dreams elsewhere.....

    Wait a sec.....what if there were a different bag you'd like....not a Kelly! Like a Plume or Bolide or Constance, for example. I mean, the SA's make commission on all the bags OTHER than Birkins and Kelly's, right? So, what about buying a bag you might buy anyway down the line, from THIS SA in order to show that you are a serious Hermes buyer????? Do you think that would work?
  5. :yes: That's a good idea. Is there any other bag you are interested in?

    I've heard of SAs like this before, it's difficult if you just want a Birkin. Maybe try other SAs. It's really the luck of the draw if you get a good one or not. :shrugs:
  6. This was my problem....having been told by an SA that I had to spend $$ to even be considered for a Birkin. My experience has been nothing but positive since I decided 'I had to have one'....
    Now, I say to my DH.."it's raining Birkins..."

    good luck on your search....
  7. *start sarcasm*
    Consider yourself lucky, if you were a Thai lady you would have to buy $12,500 equivalent worth of merchandise first to get on to the list in Bangkok.
    *end sarcasm*:P

    Now do see why I say I 'Sofa King Hate Hermès?'
  8. If you can stop by Hermes frequently you can sometimes catch them on the shelf. Depends on if you are looking for a specific one or not. I've seen a gorgeous orange suede (Lordy I wish I would've had the $$$$!), ostrich tri color, orange ostrich or rouge garance in the past. :shrugs:
  9. BeeBee....Do you have any H bags? I thought you had a few, no?
  10. Not any more :smile:.
  11. that is interesting. did you unload them out of dislike for the whole brand or what?
  12. Lose the SA and go get a plane ticket to Paris! :nuts:

    While doing some sighseeing, hanging out at a café and visiting the H boutique for a day or two ... you're sure to score a Birkin if you're not so picky with the color and leather!
  13. That is terrible, I have not heard this before,:confused1: not even in Europe:wtf:
    ... I would change SA's or just try to get one "off the shelf" they do appear from time to time...Better yet, go to Paris, buy the birkin...it will cost about $2000 less.:nuts: (use that for hotel/airfare) and show it to that terrible SA..."ooh, look what I just bought in Paris!":supacool:
  14. In general, you can say that. In more detail; why should I 'suck up' - intentionally picking this pair of words instead of 'build a relationship' - to buy something? It is not because of that particular sales gentleman because he was the most polite, it's the condescending company policy that I cannot take (perhaps because as a trader I have too big an ego, LOL)

    Therefore the price of a Birkin equals $12,500 + $7400, I can get a Patek Calatrava with that! And guess what I didn't have to 'build a relationship' to get a Haute Couture dress either.

    P.S. If you don't believe me (and some don't!), you can phone up the Bangkok boutique or ask the Thai lady who looks after the bag list on Sloane Street, London if you want.
  15. or BUENOS AIRES!!! for sure they'll have birkins there!!!!! la van...i'm so excited for u to go!!! do u want me to PM u the name of my SA?? there were 3 SAs who helped me but she was THE NICEST AND MOST DOWN TO EARTH out of all the SAs i've ever dealt with!! and her english was pretty good too. not only spanish, but i think she speaks french too.