Special Ordering Louboutins?

  1. Has anyone ever had any experience special ordering Louboutins? How does the process go? What's the price like?

    Thanks for any insight. :smile:

    I'm thinking I may have to special order the ones I want. LOL. I'm hoping it can be done for the same price as retail since it's a fall season shoe...
  2. Elise - contact a CL boutique to inquire about details. Some people here have had different experiences with SO. My last experience involved a 30% markup from the retail price and a 3 month wait.
  3. If it is a fall season shoe then why are you special ordering it? It might still be readily available.
  4. The style I'm looking for seems to be very hard to find. Only the Horatio store had them and they no longer have any more and wouldn't be getting anymore, according to the SA I spoke with. Neimans, Saks, Barneys all never ordered the style, Bergdorfs put me on the reserve list but no guarantees (and then I called again the other day and got a different SA and HE said they had never ordered them so I have NO idea what's going on over there). Most stores I've called never ordered them - it's not a popular style I guess. :/

    I was given the suggestion of special ordering them but I have no experience with how that's done so I was hoping for information.

    Wow, 30%? I heard 25% from someone else. I hope the % hasn't gone up...:/
  5. Does special ordering involve custom sizing also?
  6. I heard those are two different things. Custom sizing is done at his new atelier and that costs $3400. They do custom molds and things and I THINK they're done by him?

    If I'm correct, special ordering is just that they use the standard shoe size and remake them for you in the factory.
  7. I am curious now .. which style is it?
  8. Let me guess - you are looking for the Maudissimo?
  9. It might have been 25%, I don't remember anymore. But the boutique will give you details.
  10. Yes I am. :/ I seem to be in this funk for FW shoes where I like shoes that aren't popular with anyone else. LOL.
  11. I haven't seen that shoe IRL but I have seen photos of Sarah Michelle Gellar wearing it and I wasn't fond of them. I have also seen a few floating around ebay. You might be better off waiting for them to pop up on ebay, I am sure that many people buy new shoes before the holidays to wear them to parties and then get rid of them after the holidays.
  12. Yeah, it's only to some people's taste, but I like them. IMO, I think it also depends on how long your toes are, in regards to how much toe cleavage they show. I'm probably going to get them in a different colour so I'll just get the nude satin ones on ebay if they show up there NIB (I don't want to get them used/pre-worn), but until then, I think I'll go through with a special order.

    Thanks. :smile:
  13. I would be interested to see pictures of them on you if you eventually get them as I havent seen much of them at all except the gellar ones.

    I must admit I find them very unique.
  14. If you decide to special-order make sure you know exactly what size you need in that shoe (know how that style fits, whether it runs big/small/narrow/etc.). Otherwise you might just consider special ordering 2-3 sizes. B/c for special orders they don't take any returns/exchanges even for store credit. Also they don't honor special orders for all styles....and even when they do honor it the order could very well fall through as they've had to cancel numerous special orders due to factories being over-committed. Just make sure you read the fine print when it comes to special orders.
  15. Thanks for the insight, I really appreciate this.

    I asked the SA about sizing and she said they ran like the Decollete 868s, and recommended that I go and try on a pair IRL before I order so I know what size I take in those. I think if I go by those that's fine, because I would rather not have to special order 2 pairs (since at least one pair would go to waste then).

    I'm waiting on the SA to email me the form to fill out with the special orders (prob tm since it's near 10 pm there), and I'll wait and see how it turns out.

    Thanks again, this was really informative. :smile:

    BTW, I LOVE your shoe collection.