Special Order

  1. If you had the chance to place an SO, what would you choose?
  2. 30cm black chevre de coromandel Birkin with gold hardware and rose shocking interior

    32cm blue jean ostrich HAC with palladium hardware

    I am keeping my fingers crossed there'll be good supply of CDC in the new season. Having said this, I am now warming up to evergraine :graucho:
  3. i would choose a bicolor birkin....(whatever combination of colours that appeal to you - eg I would choose rose dragee with chocolate trim and inner lining) or choose a leather that is only available through special order (thalassa blue box? barenia?). I feel there is not much point wasting a SO on a birkin that is available from their "normal" repertoire
  4. A bi-color Kelly - not sure of the colors - love that choco/cyclamen combo but I have a cyclamen...so maybe vert anis exterior with choco piping, stitching and interior, gold HW - CDC 32 cm. Ahhh!! :love:
  5. Chocolate box HAC 32 GHW with gold lining but without the gold piping showing.
  6. Good point, archangel. But how does one know what are the leathers/colours only available for SOs in that podium? This changes all the time? How I wish the stores know this information ahead of time, and request their customers to indicate what they want, without a promise of delivery of course? This will surely help demystify the whole SO/podium thingy. Then again, it's the mystique that makes the whole Hermes experience magical (painful for most). :push:
  7. Kelly Elan in baby rose croc porosus/silver
    " " " Rouge Vif croc porosus/silver
    Kelly 15cm black croc porosus/silver
    Birkin 30 black CdC exterior, Rouge H interior/silver
    Birkin 30 Cognac CdC/silver
    Plume 28 Naturel Barenia/silver
  8. Special Order????? WooHoooo!!!!!

    Mine would be a Rouge H matte croc Kelly Jpg!!!!! (I love that little thing....)
  9. - Black Box Kelly 32 Retourne gold HW Rouge H interior.
  10. Thalassa Blue Box Calf Birkin 35cm w/PH!!! Yum!
  11. i have tons in mind :

    25 kelly croc black with GH
    30 birkin miel croc with GH
    28 kelly braise croc with GH
  12. 25cm retourne gold togo Kelly with chocolate brown piping and interior. :yes:
  13. I'd take any 31cm Bolide w/PH in Turquoise, Blue Jean, Framboise, Orange, or Fuschia!! :smile: Though I'd like the lining to be in stark contrast, like a Turquoise bag having an Orange lining or an Orange bag with a Fuschia lining :biggrin: Hell I don't even know if any of this is even possible :sweatdrop: Wee for noxiously bright colors!!!

    **if this were larger, I'd probably buy it...well if I didn't have a deep desire to purchase my first bag from the Hermes store :biggrin: LUXURY-SHOPS.COM - Hermes, 27cm Bolide, Handbag
  14. I just had the chance and couldn't freakin' decide. doh! :push:
  15. Just for ShopMom......