Special Order

  1. I was thinking of special ordering either a ribera or duomo in Epi; however, I just called 1-866 and was informed that since the duomo is a newer piece that it might not be available for special order just yet. :confused1:

    There is an SO Ribera in Mono on E-bay, but I'm not a Mono fan (please don't hurt me). There should be some type of program, like photo shop, where we can choose and customize a bag before spending big $$$ on SO and not like it....

    Anyway, does anyone have an SO Ribera in Epi? If so, please post pics.

  2. If you want, I can photoshop it for you.
  3. I read some where that you have to wait 2 years before a piece can be SO.
  4. great idea!!! i'm with u totally:yes:
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