Special order....

  1. I've just been given the "green light' to put in a SO:wlae: :wlae: :yahoo:

    So, now I've got to decide what I should order.... HELP!

    I would like a 30 cm Birkin but need help deciding between black and BJ.

    :flowers: :flowers:
  2. Yay - that's great news!! I don't like BJ, so I'd say go for a Black Birkin, Palladium/Ruthenium, and I like textured leathers, so I'd pick Togo/Clemence/Chevre. Are you going to get contrast stitching or a different color lining?
  3. Good question, I DON"T KNOW. I really need to look at some examples. Any advice?

    Which leather would you pick between the three you mentioned?
  4. Congratulations Rose!!!! I'm not too up on leather combos (hence my request that we learn more in LV) but I am soooo excited for you. Forgive my ignorance but did your SA jsut tell you you that you could place an SO or did something else happen that caused the heavens to open and the H gods to smile upon you?
  5. Oops- maybe I misunderstood and you meant "green light" from hubby and not from an SA! Dumb me!!!
  6. Not at all, green light from SA! (well, manager actually)!!!!
    The hubby will be told AFTER the purchase :graucho:

    Well, my regular SA was on vacation today, so I just happened to speak to the manager instead who said she would be happy to put in a SO for me. I am so excited I can hardly type, but WOW, such luck!!

    Apologies, got to do my dance again:wlae: :wlae: :wlae:
  7. :wlae: :wlae: :wlae: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: Doin' the happy dance right there with you! While the SA's away you and the manager did play!
  8. OK, don't laugh but what about doing black with a wild color lining? Imagine black with vert anis lining? Or black with raisin (if not yet discontinued) lining? Or black with Rouge H??? Or what about black with a rose shocking lining?????? :graucho: Kind of a namesake bag! I'm drooling just thinking about these combos.
  9. Hi Rose...Are you going to SO or wish list? I have never done SO... My SA typically makes note of the bag possibilities I am interested in and then matches options up with expected/unexpected store inventory. In this case, my flexibility makes it more likely that I will receive a bag that I am interested in, but I have not been too specific in terms of an exact bag... I am still a bit open at this point...although I know SO are possible, I have not gone that way yet...

    I initially indicated I wanted PH on my black birkin, but I am very happy with the gold! I am thinking about BJ...but only with PH... I am also thinking about gold... Hmmm..."like a kid in the (H) candy store"... :shame:
  10. What a great idea, rose shocking lining!:jammin:

    All those combos sound just great. This is such fun!:wlae: :wlae: :wlae:
  11. She gave me the option of either but I decided to go with the SO. I'm not in a hurry and it's exciting to be able to order just what I want ( not that I know what that is yet).
  12. Oooooh, a very thoughtful decision is in order then! I wish for H-pasties... I mean, ability to mock up bags in different colors in order to try them out... Trying on bolides only gets you so far in terms of decision making...

    So you are thinking bj or black birkin? Do you want clemence/togo?
  13. It must be hard to decide on an SO. On the one hand there's the overwhelming temptation to do something wild just because you can and because it personalizes the bag more, which is kind of what SOs are about. On the other hand you want something you can live with for the next two or three (or four) decades and will look great and stylish down the road. Maybe that's where interesting stiching on a classic bag comes into play??
  14. It's my first Birkin ( and as you know, I am a black/brown girl with a tweedee), so I am thinking black. My Kelly is black togo and I love it. I really need advice on which leather is going to be less slouchy and hold it's shape best as this will be my 'everday' bag when I get it. I love your Birkin with the gold h/w. Since I already have that combo in my Kelly, I want to try something different.
  15. So a more rigid birkin with PH then?

    BTW, I completely support a black habit...I am trying to convince myself to go "color" (e.g. gold) with Birkin II...I am a bit tempted to get black togo with PH...I am absolutely positive I would use two black bags...they would be different...