Special order?

  1. Does Chanel do special orders, like if you want to order a bag in a color from a previous year or season?
  2. If its something from their classic lines they might.
    I've special ordered a couple small items (because they weren't intending on getting any in but its a classic piece) so they order it for me. It takes 4-8 months.
  3. Thanks! It's a Classic flap that I'm talking about, so maybe there's hope. Do they have an upcharge like LV does for special orders?
  4. Not at I know of... because its not a SPECIAL SPECIAL order. Like if you wanted a luxe bowler is caviar then thats a really "special order'' and they won't do it I think. If its just the color *not the material* then they can order it for you and I don't think it'll cost a lot more.
    So color yes; material I doubt. But Im not 100%. HTH :smile:
  5. wow! do you have to contact chanel in paris, or is it ok to call NY? roughly how much more was it? i want a red in a jumbo!
  6. Me too! For your info, I called up Spring Street to check on the red, they do not have it anymore.
  7. I've never contacted the Paris store myself. I just tell my local boutique, my SA will ask the manager and if its Okayed by the store manager, then your good to go I guess!
  8. fyi i just called the rodeo drive store and spoke to a lovely SA named barbara. she confirmed that the 2005 red is 91759RED, so if you want mary-kate's red, i think that is the one!!!

    so far i've gathered, for colour codes:
    2003/2004 Red: 81442 Dark Red
    2005 Red: 91759 Red
    2006/2007 Red: 81540 Dark Red
  9. You're really nice, thanks for sharing. Will be calling more places this evening. Will keep a lookout for you too. Jumbo, right?
  10. yes could you enquire for me too? jumbo might be too big on me, but i would still love to know the price for a special order for the red jumbo. thanks hun!
  11. Thanks for the color info. Did you happen to ask the SA about special orders?
  12. nope i didn't unfortunately, i only read this thread after hunting down the different red colours :smile:
  13. wow, I am also very interested in the red color on Mary Kate's bag. But I prefer caviar. So that's the red from 2005? If we can order that color thru special order, I would love to do that too!!
  14. yep that's what the SA in rodeo drive told me, and that's what i have on my bag. double check with another SA to be sure, i rang EVERYWHERE, even as far as paris and it was so hard to get information from anyone! the US toll free number was useless too!
  15. Mmm.....so did anyone actually place a special order of an old color from a previous season for a classic flap bag??