Special order

  1. Some of you all have posted about your special order lv's. can you do on a special order? Could you, say, order longer straps, or is it limited to ordering an existing style in an alternate material, such as damier instead of canvas? Just wondering what the alternatives are... Thanks!
  2. Hi,
    no, you can't invent your own style (though that might be interesting ;) ) - just one of their styles in another material, and not even that in some cases, I heard they won't do speedies in vernis, for example.
  3. Discontinued items also cannot be made in SO.
  4. Hmm, it would be great if I can SO the koala agenda, medium size, in framboise vernis..! :P Absolutely perfect..!
  5. Most of the time SO consists of the Damier print on a Mono bag or vice versa. For example a Damier Mini Sac HL.
  6. i just read in another thread that u can't SO accessories!

  7. Yea, I heard that too... :sad: Oh, well, if only... *sigh*
  8. I thought that LV can approve designer collaborations, so that you CAN design your own with one of the artisans (if you have the money to shell out!!). I remember reading about this on the vuitton website a couple years ago. They had examples pictured as well, I think. Maybe they changed this policy?
  9. -You can´t order any small leather goods for special order.

    -You can design your own item if only it´s a hard case.
  10. Hard case? Meaning..? :shame: :sweatdrop:
  11. Hard case:hard suitcase,hard bags like <<boite pharmacie>>,<<boite flacon>>,for example:we have made one special order for a man who wanted a case for his caviar and his cigars.
  12. Oh, I see... :yes: Thanks for the info... :flowers:

    Off topic actually, but just wondering if you know whether the mono koala agenda with rose lining is actually a limited edition or permanent item. If it's limited, how long will it be available till? Thanks...
  13. It´s supposed to be a permanent item.I´m gonna check tomorrow if you want;)
  14. Caviar and cigars?! In a SO trunk?!?! This guy is soooo going to regret it once the dead fish and ashtray smell set in :P
  15. If only you knew how rich is this guy...:nuts: