Special order....

  1. A few years ago I called 1866 Vuitton and asked about getting a speedy 25 made inthe MC, they told me NO!. It was just too much work.
    So now that the fringer speedy is out ( its the size of a 25 is it not) I wonder if they'd make it without all the fringe?
  2. Good question!!! Hope someone finds out..I would like that answer and I would Like a mc 25:shocked: :yes:
  3. I would also love to now.
  4. maybe i'll give thm a call later today, and will post what i find out. I'm on my way out shortly.
  5. Give it time, if we all keep calling, it will come out. The MC was supposed to be limited at first and they told me no way was there going to be any hard cases EVER. Well we know the power of the consumer, MC is still around and in every style. Just hang on, it will be cheaper than getting special order.
  6. we can only hope :biggrin: