Special Order your fave bag at a discount?!?!

  1. Hi- I have mentioned Cheap Chic on the forum before but I just got this email and wanted to forward it to you guys...my dream come true- special orders!!! Again this is NOT my store- I just shop here and I think Alison (the owner) is very nice!

    Cheap Chic is now Offering Special Orders!

    [​IMG] We will now be offering a Special Order Program. Follow these easy steps and your dream bag will be on its way.
    1. Select your bag
    2. Obtain style
    name or number
    3. Choose color
    4. Contact us
    We will get back to you with a delivery date and price.
    Once you place your order a 50% non refundable deposit will be required.
    Cheap Chic is only able to obtain current styles only! There are certain brands we will not be able to locate. All items are 100% Guaranteed Authentic!
    Order your Dream Designer Bag50% deposit required!

    Stop in or call or email and find out our list of Available Designers.(323)951-1000 or email us at abc081871@msn.com
    place your order today!
  2. what kind of brands do they carry in the store?
  3. I got a Chloe Paddington, my friend got a Kooba and a Hogan. The last time (maybe 6 weeks ago?) I was there she also had some cute Chanel, tons of Kooba, Marc Jacobs, Balenciaga, Prada and lots of other brands that I can't think of right now!!! She seems to get all the hot bags right when they become available (I got my Paddy while there was a waiting list at most stores!)
    The owner is really nice and will only sell real bags.
  4. Yes, I always hear about her store through bargainsla.com and I've been wanting to stop by. What type of discount does she offer on her bags? I'm on the lookout for a purple Marc Jacobs bag....
  5. Are the bags new?
  6. From what I hear, yes, the bags are all new.
  7. i just googled it but i could not find a website?
    does she ahve a website?
  8. ^ I think she's in the process of setting one up.

    I read about it on Daily Candy, and I've been there once. It's a tiny office in this really old, nondescript building. You go down this drab hallway, knock on a door (wondering if you got the wrong address) and suddenly the owner opens a room to bag heaven... It's kinda trippy.
    I didn't get anything, but the owner is really nice and doesn't push you to buy, which is cool.
  9. Thanks for posting. And she's totally legit and all?--those of you who've inspected the bags?
  10. She's 100% legit in my opinion. I just got a new email from the store today listing the brands etc- I will post it.

    Cheap Chic

    Special Order Brand List

    Here is a list of Designer Brands you may choose from to place your Special Order. Cheap Chic will be selling off all its current stock and only placing Special Orders for our clients.
    Available Designers:
    Dolce and Gabbana
    Isabella Fiore
    Alexander McQueen
    Miu Miu
    Henry Beguelin
    Jimmy Choo
    Marc Jacobs
    Bottega Veneta
    Lambertson T
    Oscar De Larenta
    There might be others available as well! Feel free to ask.
    Sorry no LV, Chanel or Balenciaga Special Oders.
    Delivery time is around 2-4 weeks depending on the bag and designer. All orders require a 50% non refundable deposit! All handbags will be discounted! Please contact us either by email or phone to place your orders.
    abc081871@msn.com or 323-951-1000

    [FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]This message was sent from Allison Costa to jcarteresq@justice.com. It was sent from: Cheap Chic, 6399 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 408, Los Angeles, CA 90048. You can modify/update your subscription via the link below.[/FONT]

    I wonder if she will be discounting her current stock even more? :graucho:

    As far as how much the bags are discounted- it just depends on the brand in my experience with her. And she has cut even better deals for some friends who bought multiple bags.
  11. jbcesq: what happened with the 50% non refundable deposit if she cannot find the bag?
    also, is it 50% deposit from the discounted price, or from retail price?
  12. I don't know about the deposit. I've only purchased (and my friends)things she already has. Call or email her & ask:yes:
  13. Caveat:
    My only concern is that the last time I went, she had some weird-looking Balenciagas. She seemed quite honest, though, and my feeling is that if they were not legit, it was probably her suppliers, and not her...

    The other stuff seemed 100%.
  14. oh no..... has anyone who ever got a bag from her got it authenticated?
  15. I would be totally shocked- did you ask her about the Balenciaga's? She is totally upfront about her sales and HATES fakes- I quizzed her about her merchandise because I couldn't believe she could sell for those prices, I believe she's legit.