Special Order Yesterday

  1. :tup:

    As most of you know from my "accidental purchase" thread that I placed a SO yesterday and since alot of you guys wanted to know what I ordered I figured I would start a thread about it.

    I went into H with the intention of ordering HAC 32 in a two tone stiff leather. I knew that the next 2 bags I wanted to add to my collection were a HAC and JPG birkin. After much talk and further education by my SA/manager. I totally went in the other direction. She explained that the the birkin and HAC are permanent items and H will produce them forever. She further explained that since Paris is having a hard time keeping up the demand for reg birkins and Kellys, they will eventually phase out the JPG "shoulder" birkin. She said that as of now they still accept SO orders for them and that if you do see them in the store, they are few and far between because they were probably SO that the client turned down. That being said, she and I discussed what leather color combo I should get. I knew I wanted something that could take alot of wear and show no signs of damage. I also figured it was time for my first neutral color considering my bags are colorful like a bowl of fruit (apples, oranges & pears)

    I placed and order for a JPG birkin in Gold togo with PH.

    I am still wanting to do the bi color HAC, but I figured that bag could wait since there will be no phasing out of those styles.

    Let the wait begin
  2. How exciting. Yikes...I love my JPG shoulder bag. Too bag they will phase it out.
  3. Congratulations! Lucky lucky girl! Hope Paris gives the A-OK! Be prepared for the eventuality that Paris comes back to your SM, and asks if you would accept Gold Clemence. It's highly propable that they will counter-offer, in the leather than they have been using.

    The JPG Shoulder Birkin is really by SO now. It can no longer be ordered as an ordinary podium order. Focus is on the Lindy.
  4. Congratulations!!!
  5. good luck C! and congratulations!

    like you said, let the waiting begin! it'll be here in no time!
  6. Congrats Fleur! Can't wait to see that.

    Thanks for the info on the phasing out of the JPG. I thought this would be perm.
  7. Hope you hear great news from Paris!
  8. Sounds like you made a perfect choice!Congrats!
  9. Congrats Fleur! It sound like you made an excellent choice and great SA/Manager! :tup:
  10. Congrats! I'm still drooling over your Ostrich!
  11. Congrats!!! Sounds beautiful! I love the way gold works with GH and PH. It's such a versatile color.

    I wish I had the height to pull off a JPG shoulder Birkin!

    Congrats again!
  12. Congratulations.. its gonna be an amazing bag!!
  13. Love to hear when an order goes in. Wish I was placing one!!!
  14. This is great news Fleur! Something really worth waiting for.....
  15. FleurDeLis---Congrats. Thanks for the info about the JPG Birkin; I thought that was here to stay.