Special Order: Wine Devote

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  1. I have emailed Catalina about this and she says if we get 12 girls it's a go! I am also waiting for confirmation on the lining, which I hope is black and white floral. Would anybody be interested in this? Oh, BTW, since I am already on the Pearl MAM SO, I would probably not be able to do this until late Feb. or March. So, plenty of time to save up!
  2. I'm in as long as it's black and white floral lining.

    1. brimac327- b/w floral lining
    2. saragleave- b/w floral lining
  3. oooo i'd love to see a picture....can't imagine it visually for some reason..
  4. [​IMG]
    This is Cranberry, a brighter and more orange red than Wine. Picture this but w/ dark red shinier leather...it will be absolutely :drool:
  5. [​IMG]

    Imagine saragleave's pic with this leather. I think it will be so gorgeous!

    saragleave - I am expecting confirmation on the B/W floral lining on Monday from Catalina, so I will keep everyone posted
  6. Any one good at photoshop?
  7. omg that would be gorgeous! too bad I can't afford it right now...GL girls!
  8. This style bag has never been made with the wine leather so there is no way to see a picture unless some can photoshop one together. The girls above have posted pictures of the wine leather (on a nikki) and a separate pic of a Devote tote (in cranberry) so you'll have to use your imagination a bit... It would be an AMAZING bag!
  9. all right ladies, here's my best shot...

  10. ^^^OMG that is sooo gorgeous...I'd definately be in for one:

    1. brimac327- b/w floral lining
    2. saragleave- b/w floral lining
    3. Blackbirdie - no preference for lining
  11. LOL time for a disclaimer, the special order Wine Devote might not look exactly that color...It could be 2,000x more gorgeous!! ;)
  12. Thanks for the pic classicerica! It's so pretty ! I'm :drool: all over my keyboard now! Lol
  13. This is pretty good! Anyone want to wait to see what the mini devote looks like???????
  14. I would love to SO this bag...and don't mean to be a party pooper, but I am afraid to deal with RM.com anymore. :sad:

  15. i do! i would be in for a wine mini devote.... yum :drool: