Special Order...what would you do? need your advice.

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  1. hello there! I have been eyeing on this bag for a while now. and an SA from there in NY can get it for me but said i would have to order it special meaning i have to pay half upfront 1st then another half when the purse arrives. Now we can do this via paypal and i have a paypal account. I am in manila and will have the bag shipped to my relatives in CA.

    Is it really safe to order special? pa half first? and is paypal safe? what precautions do i have to take for this? any tips would be greatly appreciated.

  2. hi... are you referring to Hirshleifer's?
  3. If is Hirsh, I believe it shouldn't be a problem since their bags always come in Brand new full package content and no problems at all
  4. yupyup! so whould be ok right? saw the whole thread on it and feedback sems great. im just new into this buying it and making initial payment now... via paypal and their account there is a NEW ACCOUNT in paypal..so should that throw me off or not???
  5. heehee... if it would make you feel better, i just sent a paypal payment to them 2 days ago too! i got my Hirsh invoice the next day, so no worries! :amuse:

    curious if you don't mind, what you getting?
  6. ok so we should keep in touch. ill send them my paypal payment now..hahahah! are you based in the US?
  7. lol! right in your own backyard! figuratively speaking :biggrin:
  8. Really Hirshleifer's accepts PAYPAL?
  9. yupyup! :biggrin:
  10. Woah, something new. Glad that they have been upgrading their payment policies. The last time it tooks like 1week for them to verify my card. I believe with this new Paypal policy, it will made the process goes better, faster and smoother
  11. i was pleased to find out that they accept paypal. makes it easier for us international buyers.
  12. Yes indeed. But one thing bad about Paypal. It makes our exchange rate lower. Like if I pay using my CC, it was SGD$1.4:USD$1. But Paypal earns some transaction fee, hence if via Paypal will be SGD$1.44:USD$1 which will amount into huge fee if we are talking about Chanel here. LOL:nuts:
  13. yea thats true but ill be saving on tax when i ship it out of NY to my brother in CA. ;) going thru the different suppliers here in PH is cazy...they're making me pay 4,000 USD for a ba that cots 3,200USD...too much i think..
  14. lucky you! mine has BEEN over a month! :shocked:

    as for currency exchange, depends on the cc. most of the companies top a service fee of 2.5% above the MC/VISA exchange rate. course i did my homework 1st... kept a hawk-eye on paypal's currency trend, and when the dollar finally dipped, clicked confirmed!

    w/ paypal, its an advantage for int'l transactions as you'd immediately know the net amount of your purchase in local currency. this will give the buyer a freehand in choosing the best rate as possible, hence, more savings.
  15. Actually I miss Hirsh first Sale that time as my card wasn't verify. It was only the 2nd sale which is still not verify which angers me and Penney helps me to do all the sorting out which ends up took a week. But technically speaking, if factoring in the first Sale in, it also took them a month!! LOL
    Yeah, I think that time the exchange rate for me was freaking good at only SG$1.382:US$1!! That is so tempting!! I checked on Paypal's currency trend everyday! Even when US$ falls, Paypal currency exchange rates never falls!! LOL
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