Special Order vs Fake. How do you know?

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  1. Have you ever seen someone with a bag that you know was never made in that style/design and automatically think that it's a fake?

    I ask because I'm thinking about getting a SO Damier Keepall 45 with strap. Even though I want it for me and don't care what others think .. it'll always be in the back of my mind that people will look at it and think well hey, they never made a Damier Keepall that size or with a strap, must be fake ...
  2. I guess that could happen, people tend to jump to conclusions.I sometimes think, djee, never saw that before, but really don't automatically think it will be fake! I also don't see myself as an LV expert..
    But also as you said, YOU know it's real and if they ever ask you about it, just tell them. I'm sure the quality will show as well! :smile: Good luck deciding
  3. I'll admit if I see a SO I'll assume it's a fake. That's why I'll never consider SO's.
  4. I have said the SO look fake.
  5. I understand your thoughts. I purchase my bags for myself but I don't like it and even feel a little hurt if people think something I carry is fake.

    I even consider some styles twice for this reason so I wouldn't SO something :sad:
  6. In the mall the other day, I saw a woman carrying bag that was the exact style of a Petit Noe, but the canvas was in burberry plaid- it was a gross fake and embarrasingly obvious.

    However, I wouldn't automatically assume that a SO was fake. I'd just think it might be vintage or a limited edition or something.
  7. Honestly only you will be appreciate the beauty of a SO, which is why you wanted it in the first place. If you know in your heart it is real, why bother what others think? The bag makes you happy. Period.
  8. LV can paint your initials on..
  9. Meh... who cares what others think? Did they pay for the bag that you SO'd? NO. I don't see why a random stranger's opinion should matter at all.

    I've never had anyone tell me that the fake they had was special ordered, but I have read about it... if you have a good knowledge on what can/can't be special ordered and what lines/bags LV does produce, then I think you're good on telling whether a bag is real or fake right away.
  10. Those who are familiar with LV know what can be SO'd and also differentiate whether it is real or fake.

    Enjoy whatever it is you'd like to SO - what others think is immaterial!
  11. I'm sure I've jumped to conclusions that a SO was fake.
  12. Let's face it, people are going to think what they want to think. We make assumptions all the time. You need to do what makes you happy. There are a bunch of people who hate LV, yet we still buy it...because we like it. So do what is going to make you happy. If you like it, then get it. :yes:
  13. Someone may question the style in a cretain pattern or canvas, but a true LV lover can tell if it is a horrid fake!
  14. ^^ ITA and you can tell if it's fake, in person, from a mile away.
  15. Look at it this way, those that are not familiar with LV will not know its not a regular collection piece and those that know LV very well and love LV will see the quality and realize how special it is and how lucky you are to be able to acquire such a unique piece. Get what you really love and want, you will be amazed at how worth the wait was for a s.o. piece, promise!!