Special Order Vaslav Washbag

  1. Hi Guys,

    I have been in love with the vaslav wash bag, but right now it only comes in damier canvas. Well I asked to have it special ordered in monogram canvas, and france said they can do it! The only thing is the price, it will be $1500! I think that is a little excessive for a washbag. Any opionions?
  2. Isn't the Damier $1,290? So $200 for a SO is a bargain.
  3. pics please:biggrin:
  4. [​IMG]

    Is this the bag you want in Mono?
  5. They do the bag, but the washbag is much smaller....seems way excessive to me as the washbag is only £275/$555, maybe they gave you the price for the SO big bag/holdall, not for the washbag - they might SO it as it is considered a 'small leather goods'
  6. If they mean the $555 Vaslav pochette then, yes, that is WAY too expensive to order. It should be 30% more, not 3 times as much!!
  7. they mean the wash bag, not the actual travel bag pictured above.

    wash bag is $555 so 1500 is a lot but its unique.
  8. Yes, for a wash bag I thought it was a little much too! For $1500 I think I will end up buying one of the hardcases that are on ebay. Those are usually a deal!
  9. Oh my Lord that is overpriced...I wonder how much they would charge for the bag ??
  10. Lol, that's what I was thinking too!
  11. bit too pricey but if you have the fund..why not..I personally love it in damier..
  12. Of course it's expensive but you will have an exclusive item !
    i want a damier carryall, i'm wondering what will be the price for a commissionned large bag.
  13. Wow.. that is wicked expensive if it's just the washbag.. it'd be unique, but you could also get a lot of other pieces for that price !