special order shipment, I HATE FEDEX!

  1. okay so coach e-mailed me with the tracking number for the bag i just special ordered...obviously i've been watching it and looking at it every few minutes to see where my beloved bag is. so i see that it is in a fedex store 20 minutes from me this morning. fedex works on saturdays, so they SHOULD bring my bag to me today. but NOOO it says that it's not scheduled for delivery...so i decided that since the fedex place is only twenty minutes from me i'd just go pick it up and they're telling me i'm not allowed to...why not? i called coach and they said that that wasnt their policy, like when they ship it they dont make it so that you cannot pick it up at the fedex store...but that's what fedex told me. i believe coach over fedex. i think fedex is just getting a kick over disappointing me. (yesterday i saw a fedex truck go up my road (there are only three houses on my road) and i thought for SURE it was my bag...but the truck was going to my neighbor's house :rant: ) anyone else had this problem?
  2. Join the club. I hate FEDEX too. I had issues with them on a shipment from Hermes. :rolleyes:
  3. FedEx may be working on Saturday but unless the shipper (Coach) specifically checked the box that says "Saturday Delivery", they won't deliver. FedEx charges extra for Saturday delivery, as does UPS.
  4. If you look it up on fed ex's web page with the tracking number it should show you the estimated delivery date. Instead of just watching for it and being bummed its not there...check and see when the tracking says it should be delivered.
  5. that said that it wasnt going to be delivered until tuesday....i ordered the purse last wednesday and its on three business day shipping and it went out thursday so the latest it could possibly come should be monday, otherwise it's not the 3 business day shipping coach paid for
  6. By my count that is 3 days....Thursday to Friday is day 1, Friday to Monday is day 2, Monday to Tuesday is Day 3.
  7. Saturday and Sunday don't count as business days....

    And unless Coach specifically requests for FedEx to hold a package for the customer to pickup, you can't go pick it up without a doortag. If you want, I can scan the FedEx US Airbill and you'll see that it isn't exactly FedEx taunting you.
  8. Plus, Coach shipments are not guaranteed in 3 days. Shipment time is 3-5 business days depending on where you live. And others have said, Saturday and Sunday don't count.
  9. Waiting sucks, I know, but you only got a couple more days! So excited for you!
  10. my purse came today...i love it! definitely my favorite purse that i have. ill post pictures later
  11. Ohh...Congrats! Can't wait to see pics.
  12. Glad you finally got it! Can't wait to see pics!

    I had a present from coach today too! Some scarves I ordered last week! Already posted in another thread.
  13. Fed ex sucks . I always get stuck having to have my dad go to the fedex place to pick stuff up because they SUCK!