Special Order: Rose Tyrien with Rose Confetti pipping and stitching...is it weird?

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  1. got offered with the SO opportunity, I've been longing for a pink birkin...so at the end I've ordered a B30 Rose Tyrien with Rose Confetti pipping, interior and stitching...but now I'm back at home and thought if I've made the wrong choice?


  2. I think that sounds very cool if you LOVE pink...which I do.. so I'm on board with your decision. B30 is perfect for this blast of pink too.

    What hardware did u pick? What type of leather, Epsom?
  3. Thank you for your opinion!!

    yes I love pink, and its like VERY HARD to score a pink B so I decided to go for this colour for my SO. I've chosen gold hardware and epsom leather. I'm just not so sure if pink tone on tone will look good with piping option...or should I change it to the body+handle colour difference option?
  4. It all depends on your LOUDNESS factor. RT is loud on it's own... very bold Pink. I think the softer pink accents will be pretty and not too obvious. I'd rather have it blend and be tonal. Your choices have made the bag SPECIAL, not a spectical. KWIM? And I love the ghw. I think it will be beautiful!!!
  5. I think this sounds absolutely yummy!! It would be beautiful with the handles being rose confetti as well though. I don't think you can go wrong with these 2 color combos! I love the fact that you got rose confetti stitching. That will be so special with RT.
  6. I can't wait to see it... sounds BEAUTIFUL!
  7. I think it will be quite pretty. The two colours will complement each other rather than compete, can't wait to see photos. :smile:
  8. It sounds beyond stunning. Very good choice indeed!
  9. sounds good to me, i love pink!
  10. Congrats on placing your SO! I just placed mines too. I chose Rose Confetti with Rose Tyrien contrast lining. Hope that turns out good. I really love 5P, but since that's not available than the closest color to order is RC.
  11. Op its great combo n choice
    Not weird at all
    Its going to be fabulous
  12. I've ordered the exact color combo too! I think it's going to be very cute.

    I've heard 5P is available in Epsom.. Did you order Chèvre? Or wasn't 5p available at your store?
  13. I ordered in Chèvre. I actually thought 5p wasn't available at all. Because when I was deciding on what color to get I asked about any pink available for SO, but 5p wasn't one of the choices given to me. Do you know if 5p might be available in togo/chèvre? Thanks!
  14. @pink888, so excited for our SO
  15. no worry, I guess it would look stunning!!! perfect for a pink lover~