SPECIAL ORDER Ribera MM (in Mono Canvas) on let-trade

  1. have you ever bought anything there, gergirl?
  2. And they have a cerises speedy too!
  3. Some one of tPF has it!!! It's GORGEOUS!!!:love:
  4. Ooooh unique !
  5. looks like its in good shape too. If i werent saving for the azur speedy or noe i might contemplete buying it
  6. No :sad:
    I'm always eyeing, right now there's one of my ultimate dream bags on the site :hysteric:
    But I'm afraid of the German customs... I might get it if it's still there in a week or so :shame:

    [...sehr undurchsichtig mit dem Zoll, ich will vorher wissen, was genau an Kosten auf mich zu kommt] :s
  7. I guess you have to add roughly 20% of the value plus shipping for customs and import duties. But the worst for me is that whenever I'm cited before the customs office to pay for another bag import, they snatch it from my hands to send it to the makers' representatives for inspection, in particular when it comes from Asia.I always say I can check the authenticity myself, and I know they hate me for that. Then it takes up to a fortnight, and customs write a letter informing me the bag has been seized because of a counterfeit suspicion. I know it is pointless, but I just can't help writing back with a complaint saying there is no base at all for such a suspicion (and they hate me again). Finally, they write another letter saying the authenticity had been confirmed and I could collect the bag. All that hassle and waste of time takes the pleasure out of buying anything from outside Europe, but sometimes I still do it (and regret it afterwards).
  8. By the way, isn't that the PM Ribera?
  9. Fabulase.
  10. ohhhhh it's a beauty! And only $699!

  11. Nasty handles though!
  12. I think it's great!! And you can always clean the handles!!
  13. are the pieces there authentic? that PTI looks completely fake.:Push: