Special Order Reveal

May 29, 2007
I didn't get 'the call' because the bag arrived late Friday into the store and my SA was swamped today (Saturday-Boston).
I went into Hermes today expecting nothing and my SA said please wait until I am available. Since our family had just lost a dog,:graucho::graucho: I figured she wanted to give me a hug.
she wanted to give me this!!!!!!!


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May 29, 2007
So....what is the difference of the SO vs what I ordered.
I didn't ask for Contrast Piping....which IRL looks so much better than I ever expected. Actually without it the bag would look Graphite and not unique.

I had asked for Brushed PHW in the past and Hermes has said no....this time I didn't ask and I got it!!!!!!

So, I am totally used to the craftsman doing their 'thing' with my SO.
Maybe a SO should mean "SUGGESTED order" ?????

I am over the moon happy. :love: