Special Order - Rebecca Minkoff - Morning After Black Basketweave

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  1. Hi Everyone,
    I have a custom order with Codi at Rebecca Minkoff for the following:
    -Morning After
    -Black Leather
    -Black on Black Basketweave
    -Gold Signature Hardware
    -Floral Interior
    -Long Finished D-ring Tassels
    We need 7 more girls to take part in this order even before it is made. If we have enough interest - I will have Codi contact you girls directly. Is anyone interested? Please let me know if you have any questions!m:yahoo:
  2. I am interested, but I just need to know a few things. I haven't done a SO in a while. How much will the total be? How much do we need to put down first? And how long will it take? TIA!
  3. Hi BabyK! Thanks for your questions! Codi at Rebecca Minkoff will have all of this information for you in a Special Order Form Package. Please contact Codi by email at codi@rebeccaminkoff.com. Let her know that you've spoken to me and she will send you the proper information!

    Hope this works out! TTYS:smile:
  4. Baby K I think in recent SOs through RM it was 30% down, and the rest when the bags are finished. The last two SOs I took part in took 3-4 months.

    Good luck Whopper with the SO. Were you set on the specs of the bag? Zipper color? It may be helpful to put some of the specs in the title thread to catch people's attention. :smile:
  5. Hi Krysja - Thanks for your email! No not completely set on the specs - definitely open to other ideas - obviously as long as we all agree in the end:smile: Thanks for your suggestion - so great as I'm still very new at this! LOL
  6. I'd def be interested, but how much would it be? I've never done a special order before! It seems so exciting!!! Can you return it if you don't like it?
  7. Hi discoAMOUR! Thank you for your reply! I am glad to hear that you are interested! For even more information on the deposit, pricing and general SO information, please contact Codi at Rebecca Minkoff, please let her know you are interested in a SO Morning After Black Basketweave and she will send you an information package. You can contact her directly at codi@rebeccaminkoff.com. Thanks again! TTYS
  8. Only if it's flawed, since it's a custom order. The SO's are full price. I think there is a sticky around here with info on the process.
  9. Thanks ladies. i contacted Codi a few minutes ago so I'll wait for her reply. Sorry for the delay, I am in the middle of prelims at school right now before our Fall Break starts this afternoon. One more paper to write that's due at 4pm, wish me luck!!!
  10. You first post states signature hardware as opposed to the now current dogleash.
    Is this correct??
  11. I would sign on for MAM size and not the full MAB. Any interest in changing it to smaller size?
  12. Hi MAGJES! The signature hardware is an option when purchasing a SO as oppose to the regular dog leash hardware. When placing a SO you can choose pretty much anything specs you want! Exciting!

    Hi mooch! Yes, I'm kind of stuck on the MAB - sorry:sad:

    Thanks again, ladies for your interest and questions!
  13. I wish there was an updated version of the signature hardware. I don't like the screws on the back.
  14. Hi TXGirlie! Just wondering, I have never seen the Signature Hardware in real life - is it just the look of the screws you don't like? Are they faulty? Bad quality? Let me know. The more feedback the better! Thanks again! TTYS
Thread Status:
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