Special Order Questions....

  1. Hi everyone,

    I am thinking of having my "dream bag" made by LV, now how does special order works? Do I just contact them and tell them what I want? Has anyone here had gotten LV to make a specific bag? What are the cost? Any information you can give me before I call LV would be greatly appreciated!!!!

  2. Only certain bags can be special ordered, I wanted to order a Damier Keepall for years, and they keep saying no at corporate, years later its a part of the line, so you need to find out if you can in the style you want. Then depending you may have to pay upfront or 50% deposit,..then here is the worse part ...THE WAIT...up to 6 months, but then your box arrives from Paris, and you smile and are happy....until they add it to the regular collection(like they did with my Damier Alma, and my Damier dog collar and leash)

  3. Thanks for your reply redduchess...! So when you got your damier in alma, was it the same price as mono alma or is it more expensive? I am assuming it's more, but how much more?

    So for example, I like the Trevi design, but I would like the mono canvas on but no vachetta, the handles and trims would be the same as the one on the damier. Do you think they'll go for that? :biggrin:

    Thanks again!
  4. They won't do vachetta on Damier. I inquired with my current Custom piece, and it was a clear and hard 'No'.
  5. oh no! I don't want vachetta on my damier, I want the mono canvas with the damier handles and piping and trims.
  6. They won't do that. :sad:(
  7. I think there is a time reference to whether a bag can be S.O'd...
    for example, I believe the bag you want must have been out for a year before they can S.O. it, and there is also no guarantee.
    Your best bet is to visit your local shop, and they can guide you.
    BTW, your "dream bag" sounds wonderful !!!!!
    I hate vachetta sometimes too !!
  8. ^ same here. I don't like vachetta. The purse doesn't look new for a long time.
  9. Yup, a bag has to be out for two years before special order requests can be accepted and reviewed.

    The markup is 30% more to SO, have to pay 50% deposit when you do order it, and it takes up to 6-8 months.
  10. My Alma was $1,200.00 when ordered, now its like $900 something, they won't do your bag, certain bags they tell you to wait, most likely a classic bag in the permanent catalog will be done, but even that is iffy.
    I had to fight like hell to get my large size 3 suit, garment bag, but it is gorgeous, also I wanted a steamer trunk, they said no, then they made them.
    I only do Damier, so 15 years ago when I begun my LV journey I had to special order lots, my backpack, etc, now Damier is coming back around and its getting easier(although I really liked when it wasn't as popular)!!!!
    And only Hard luggage can be painted(this is a popular custom order question)
    Waiting for my Damier waist coin pouch(like the sales associates wear) check back in March...(ordered in Aug.)
  11. Yep- Damier style bags made in mono or vice versa (i.e. damier noe, monogram duomo) cost 30% more. Customization is more, and really depends what you want done and how VIP a client you are. You can also get a variety of bag styles SO'ed in epi or taiga, though these are particularly spendy (can cost the double he price of canvas or more). LV doesn't SO azur or MC except for hard-sided luggage, and vitually all other lines (onatah, suhali, antigua, etc.) are off-limits as well.
  12. They wont special order a size will they? For example, would they make a special order mini lin speedy 25?

  13. I've been wanting to know the answer to this too!!!!!!