Special Order question

  1. Can you order a Saleya in Mono Canvas?
  2. You should probably ask a SA.
  3. I probably will next time I'm there, but I thought someone on the board might know.
  4. I called 866VUITTON for you and they said that "They BELIEVE it COULD be done, but it has not been done yet." and you should try speaking to a leather good manager in person. Hope this helps!
  5. OP I don't know and sorry to HIjack but if Ellipse MM is being/been discontinued do you think it'd still be available to order in damier?
  6. Saleya in Mono? Umm I think it will look loike Mono Cabas? :confused1:
  7. I bet that would be a great bag! Good idea!!
  8. but isn't special order stuff supposed to be more xpensive, double or more than the usual price, no?
  9. I think it's about 30% more in price if you are using similar materials (Mono for Damier), but if you special order in Epi, it could be even more.

    The SAs would have to verify if the special order can be done and then would give you a price and then you have to pay half as a deposit.
  10. i was thinking the same. i love the MM but i dont get much student loan this year with it being my final year and i cant afford everythig.
  11. When was the Saleya released though, like late 2005/early 2006 or was it earlier?? If it was only released last year I think you have to wait another year or so first.
  12. :true: