Special Order Question....

  1. Can a bag be special-ordered with monogram canvas and the chocolate leather piping/handles (like on the damier?)

    Does anyone have one like this?

    I've discovered I love the chocolate leather and I hate vachetta on a Speedy (because it's a hand-held and the vachetta darkens so quick and looks dirty IMO), and I really want a monogram speedy.

    TIA! :flowers:
  2. I don't know you'd have to ask lv but it may look a bit weird because the shades of brown would be different
  3. ^ Yeah...I think chocolate leather may be better suited for Damier... :s

    But hey, each one to his/her own. :p
  4. *Sigh* Mini Lin may be my only hope...
  5. There are some mens bags coming out, that have the mono and dark piping and trim, not sure if it's dark brown or black...hard to tell from the look book, but I thought it looked good.

    I do think you can do this kind of special order....but 30% more and even more importantly a 6 month for such a change, not sure if it's worth it, kwim?
  6. ^^Very true, Tink. I'll probably just go with mini lin *sigh* I'm dying for a monogram Speedy, it's just that darn vachetta....
  7. What about the Mirage Speedy that will be coming out in September (I think)?
  8. You don't like damier? I used to think it was too plain...but now I LOVE it!

    Don't worry too much about the vachetta, it really isn't as fragile as everyone thinks....spray it with a little protectant, and you'll be fine :smile:
  9. Oh no I LVOE the damier. It's just made me already want another speedy :shame:

    I'm getting tons of use and compliments out of the damier one, you'd have to kill me before I'd give it up! :graucho:
  10. ahh, missed the speedy part....what about epi. Honestly mini-lin scares me....I am much more afraid of snags than vachetta. :shrugs:
  11. i think you should give the vacheta a shot! it really doesnt take that much extra care!
  12. ^^That was my concern about mini lin too.

    I love the logo look, hence my obsession with a monogram speedy :smile: The only monogram bag I've got is a pochette accessoires (which I need to have authenticated, at that! I found out my keepall was fake so I'm terrified of fakes now)

    So applegarde or something would work on the vachetta and not spot it up?
  13. I would go for the mono then.

    I have been using kiwi protectant lately...just for the simple fact it is easy to find at the grocery store. It works well for me. I have told the disney / denim back pack story so many times, I am sure you heard it.
  14. Remind me? =)
  15. Have you considered the Mirage Speedy, then?