special order question (all vachetta bag)

  1. i hope you can helpme on this. i am wondering if it is possible to have a ellipse or speedy made of all natural vachetta? oh and what the expected price will be. thanks a lot in advance for your help :flowers:
  2. I looked at the custom book and they usually have a chart of what can be made with what and I dont think they had a choice of the VAchetta as a material used in a special order...but you can always call in and check...oh and there is always the Nomad material.....
  3. there is a SO vachetta ellipse on ebay right now.
    Item number 6890269633

    The BIN is $3999.99
  4. oh thank you but now that is the question is it for real? oh and whats about the price ? fair or overly marked.up:flowers:
  5. That looks totally real to me....but I have butterflies in my stomache even THINKING about keeping that bad boy clean...carry a plastic bag with you in case you get stuck in the rain...that bag just looks like HARD WORK! LOL..so pretty though!
  6. It's real but overpriced, in my opinion.
  7. no rain no pain over here :lol: and i think vachetta is really trouble free just let it tan and then use it use it use it it just gets better over time
  8. Very pretty, but it would make me super nervous!
  9. I almost had a nervous breakdown over my speedy handles, I can't imagine the stress of an entire bag made of vachetta!
  10. why?? just put it under the tanning bed until it is honey coloured and then no problems at all in fact i really love the patina when it is really used. gives the bag character.;)
  11. i love it

    you should so SO one or get that one on ebay

    its so gorgeous and i agree with you,i would love that bag and the patina gives the purse character!!
  12. I personally do not like it (i hate the vachetta i wish they would replace it with soemthing else and i hate that style of bag), but i can understand how you can like it, A bag that slowly changes color over time is exciting
  13. Wow, I actually like that bag!
  14. The naked vachetta bag reminds me of Mr. Bigglesworth!!!:lol:
  15. That bag on Ebay looks gorgeous! I am not sure how much it would be though. Hopefully not a lot!