Special Order Question (Again)

  1. Got another question about special order, once again asked on behalf for my friend (who should really start paying me comission for all the typing and correspondence because she was too paranoid to register online :P ). So as you know, she's got some orders placed in the past and this July she's got other orders placed as well (lucky girl, she buys tons from several boutiques). She was told that one of her special orders was submitted through the Podium because apparently while previously they said that they submitted through the store back in February, it didn't get submitted (I'm a bit confused but so was she). Supposedly, this time it was submitted at the Podium. However, she was still told that it may be several months before they know for sure if the order was good. Here's where she was confused, she thought managers know immediately whether the order is good? Or does it mean that when an order is "ACCEPTED", it simply means that it was SUBMITTED or pushed through, and that you still won't know whether it's really GOOD TO GO until a few months later? She was told that for items that were rejected, Corporate generally notifies in a few months and that's how one knows whether the order is really truly good to go (as in if you don't hear a rejection in a few months, then it's good news).

    Uhm ... I think that's what she meant to ask, unless I misunderstood her ... oh well ... Experts, please advise. TIA.:flowers:
  2. i was always immediately after the podium told it was good and then it was good and i got my bag

    only ONCE my order was accepted and later cancelled due to the fact that hermès stopped the leather
  3. Ok, so in this case most likely they lied to her again? That was what happened last time with the vibrato JPG Birkin (with extra pocket and other funky stuff), they said they tried to place her order through the Podium but was told to place it through the store. Then they said they did place it through the store but must hear a "yay" or "nay" from Corporate or else it's not confirmed ... Then July came and they said they would re-submit it because they didn't hear from Corporate. Now they said they submitted it and they won't know for sure until a few months later. Sounds like it didn't happen again, right? At least that's how I'm seeing it.

    But lucky for her, her other orders with other stores went in, it's just that this store was the only one who said they would place a special order for her vibrato JPG with pocket.
  4. ok so that is not even a normal special order this is truly special order and these can not pllaced by the store if hermès paris say yes you are most likely invited to paris to discuss with them.
  5. Wait, so that means most likely her store didn't place the order for her (AGAIN) this July and they are just saying this to get her off their case? They just told her (and I'm paraphrasing what she told me), "Your order has been placed this time, but we won't know for sure for another couple of months. It should be no problem though because this time your order was placed at the Podium rather than through the store like last time so it's stronger." Something like that.
  6. she wants to have the whole design altered and want it in a leather that is not even offered on a shoulder birkin so podium has nothing do to with it (at least that is my experience and what my manager told me it is kind of compareable to my painted birkin) as on the podium there can only orders be placed with the combinations that are offered
    if you want a design altered paris has to agree and then you meet with them and they discuss the details on it.
  7. Thanks Lilach, I'll relay that to her:flowers: . I think if her store couldn't do it for her, it would've been better if they had just told her out right ... I mean, she's going to figure it out at some point and then she's probably going to stop shopping there and they're going to lose a good customer. Oh she also has a croc Birkin order going through the same store this July and she was told the same thing about it. What's with that?:oh:
  8. well croc is a different story but usually they should know by now. just take a looka t the ladies here all of them who placed an order did et an response either positive or negative but none of them have been told (we have to wait)
    oh wait i did (sort of) my kelly order was not declined but not accepted either no more infos and my manager was shocked he never has met something like that :wtf: another hermès mystery :hysteric: :rolleyes:
  9. So your Kelly order was submitted at least, right? Just that they didn't say anything? This is so bizarre ...

    OMG ... if they ever say they'll place any orders for me (which doesn't look likely at the moment), I'm going to be sooooo stressed out simply because of my friend's experience ... it doesn't look like she's getting any of her orders from that store ...
  10. right all the other orders have been accepted and my managr was told like always when i can expect them only about the kelly they didn´t say one word he put it in but there was nothing no no no yes no maybe nothing :shrugs: well we will see and i will definately ask them in september when i am in paris what that means or if they know more by then
  11. I spoke to the person who went to podium a few weeks ago...their story was...i went with an order of 20 bags, but when they arrived, were only allowed to order 5 bags. So, I truly believe they go with the best intentions, but the other 15 bags have to wait until next podium...and so on.
  12. Kou, I am finally able to answer your question. Special order and podium requests are technically 2 different matters. So here goes......

    Podium occurs twice a year, February and July. The managers go to Paris with the requests for their customers. The orders are put in and the managers are told whether or not they can be filled. Now podium requests are for leathers and colors that are available right then and there. If your order is for black chevre and the atelier has none at the moment, your podium request will be declined. It may be a few weeks before you hear whether or not it was put through. But podium requests can be denied.

    If the podium request is denied, the bag can be special ordered. This happens a few weeks after podium. Now special orders are not refused, UNLESS the leather and/or color has been discontinued. That is why special orders take so long to arrive. If your black chevre is not available at the moment, the atelier has to wait until it is available for your bag to be made. As we've already seen certain leathers and colors come in waves out of Hermes, so the next wave may not occur for several months or years.

    No down payment is required on either, at least in my store. Now with either, there is the possibility the bag you request may not be exactly what you want. That is why they don't require down payments and give you the option of declining when the bag arrives. Either way, your name is on the order.

    This is how things played out with me during last podium. I placed an order during podium. At first my SA said my order was good. Then I got word that it was not. This time around we special ordered it in September and also added another bag. The reason we are doing it this way is because one bag is a rarely seen size and with the other bag, the leather and color combo is also rare. There is a special circumstance surrounding my SO so PM me for details.
  13. Wow, thanks for the very informative post, HG. I was wondering how this all worked too. Ok.. you know how you used black chevre as an example, that was just totally out of the blue, right? I mean, you haven't heard or sensed that black chevre de coromandel is hard to come by, have you? Coz I've just decided that I would like to order a 30 black chevre Birkin next, in time for the Feb podium.
  14. ^^^^^I'm just using it as an example, but black chevre is indeed very hard to come by.
  15. :cry: Does this mean that the podium order may well be rejected and I'll therefore need to SO it?