Special order or wait?

  1. Hi pals!

    When I read the question about pre-ordering something, I wrote that I would love A damier Wapity, never before I thought of this, but now I know that idea has been rounding my head, I even make the count to know how much it would cost if I were to order it.

    So I ask you should I special order it or should wait? with a lot of faith maybe they make sth like that! haha! Well in fact that could occur but until when? I need your help

    PS. My Lv SA told me that she has been hearing that the monogram denim was rumored to be a permanent collection because of the great sales it got, so that means there will be new models and accesoires!
    Remember, thats just a RUMOUR we have to wait... cant wait haha!
  2. I dont think you can SO accessories. Only handbags.

  3. Oh dear... really? I never heard of that, I thought they would make SLG too, so I must go again and ask...

    anyway dont their page have a mail or sth to contact them? maybe I can give them my suggestion... haha... maybe you think I´m crazy but I really want one!
  4. I Have No Idea...But, A Damier Wapity Does Sound Really Nice!
  5. wait or wait... :sad:

    I´ve just been on the chat with the E-luxury assistants and she told me that there is no chance to customixe small leather goods... but there is a big chance to get it because it would occur soon, as she told me the girl.

    I also asked about the rumor of the denim accsesoires, but she told me shé isn´t sure yet.

    We must wait...
  6. wait
  7. ^^ Ditto. Wait for it. I think it will come out soon.
  8. Yeah Vuitton doesn't customize small leather goods. It's a real bummer too. I would love a nice wallet all vachetta. :love: And for that matter, even an all vachetta wapity would make a hot camera case or something!
  9. An all-vachetta PTI would've been interesting!
  10. I completely agree! It's certainly not for those who stress over the vachetta getting spotted/scrached. I look at is as character. It shows it's age and I love that about vachetta!

  11. Did the eluxury personnel hint that there will be a Damier Wapity?
    I'm dying for one!
  12. ooooohhh I just saw this thread! I was actually doing calculations in my head as for how much it would cost for a custom order damier wapity. This wapity is growing on me but I'm not big on logo items so damier would be perfect! Hope it comes out soon!
  13. How long does it REALLY take to get something customed???? im hearing different time, some say 6-8 months some say 4-6 months?
  14. In terms of SO something, I would wait unless what you're looking for is a discontinued item/line. For example, even through vernis fuschia has been discontinued, you can still SO it .. in those cases, I would consider it worth it, although the price is higher.
  15. depending on what item you want to get customised
    for the more popular items - like something from monogram to damier
    they usually tell you about 6 months but most of the time it gets done much quicker. about 4-5
    so 4-6 months time frame is about right