special order on pouches?

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  1. has there ever been a SO on pouches before, or is that something because of the cost of them compared to a bag they might not do?
    i was just looking through the pouches and wanting one but something in a brighter color perhaps. i love the ones with the phrases but in a color besides the olive, black or green that i have seen :smile:
  2. I think they said they don't SO pouches/accessories
  3. that would make sense. im sure it would be most cost/hassle for something that size.

    hopefully more colors keep coming out in the future!
  4. too bad ! i wanted a pouch in rose...:sad:
  5. I would love a hot pink Kerry pouch with some text..!
  6. There was an attempt to do an SO for Kerry/Erin pouches, but it never went through. IIRC, someone relayed that Codi said it couldn't be done, but no further reason was given. :shrugs: I've always just assumed it was a cost thing, i.e. with the considerably lower price, it's not cost-efficient for RM to take SOs on pouches. (Again, though, that's just my own theory, as no official reason was ever given.)
  7. Right, I wanted to get one in Burgundy with a saying, but they just don't do them at the moment. The minimum people required for a purse SO is 8, so a pouch SO might require a LOT more people for it to be worthwhile.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.