Special Order in Paris

  1. I have a question about placing orders at FSH. Can you place an order only certain times during the year or can this happen throughout the year?
  2. I'm not a specialist since I think I was a very lucky newbee...
    I went at FSH in December (at that time, I wasn't 100% of style , leather etc...), a SA told me the Order taking was closed, and to try again on Jan or Feb.
    I came back in Feb, and another lovely SA (I've never met before) allowed me to place my order.
  3. I'm pretty sure you're at the mercy of the SA's when they offer to let you place an SO. Podium orders, which are a different animal, are only at certain times of the year.
  4. What is the difference beetween SO and Podium Order ??
    Sorry if it sounds stupid...
  5. I think a podium order is when the manager of the store goes to place the order for the whole store and a special order is for an individual request.
  6. There are some threads on POs and SOs that are more informative than what I am about to say but my understanding is POs are Feb. and July, and SOs are anytime. alo6 you are correct.
  7. So theoretically if they don't have what you are looking for at FSH, you can place a SO if they are willing to take it?
  8. My experience as well...except July...was not able to place order at that time...was instructed to check back in September if I recall correctly...
  9. In theory, yes.

    A PO is for bags in the coming collection.

    A SO is for bags with specifications that are outside of the coming collection.