Special Order in Damier

  1. What do you guys think about the Abbssesses messenger in Damier? I'm thinking about getting it for school. Would love to hear some opinions!!!
  2. you could just get the Damier Bastille
  3. Yeah... they're practically the same. ;)
  4. yes, the Damier Bastille is similar, if not identical, to the Monogram Abssesses :yes:


    this is a bit off-point, but the Taiga Viktor is nice too. i bought one for my boyfriend:

  5. See, I thought about that, and I've tried it, but it looks really small on me. I'm 6 feet tall and I already have the abbsesses in monogram but I don't want to use it for school because of the Vachetta and all. I thought about a backpack, but I don't particularly like any of the ones that Louis Vuitton is offering right now.
  6. The Abbesses is a few inches wider and longer but .1 inches smaller than the Bastille...

    I want to move from my Abbesses to a Pionnier... :P
  7. I was just about to suggest the Bastille as well. It's almost identical to the Abbesses. In fact, the Bastille is even a little bigger than the Abbesses - I believe the Bastille is approximately 14" x 12" x 4.1" (or around that size). I think it's about the same price as the Abbesses as well (which saves you money - you don't have to pay 30% extra to special order it :smile:).

    I think for school, it's a very good choice for a bag. The size is good for holding binders, books, and folders. It has the sturdy thick canvas shoulder straps for carrying heavy loads. And it has plenty of pockets, which is always handy.
  8. Whoops, I have a correction to make: the Bastille is slightly smaller than the Abbesses. I doublechecked. Sorry about that!
  9. Which one is a good choice?
  10. I have thought about the same thing; I couldn't carry the Bastille because it won't fit my MacBook Pro.

    Although they are coming out with some wider Damier messengers this fall. You could also try the Broadway.
  11. The Damier Bastille.
    However, if you want a larger messenger bag, you could try looking at the Damier Broadway.
  12. My dad already has the broadway but I hate the way it looks, somehow it's too lumpy. Like the pockets just seem tacked on at the last moment. Cause I want to be able to put my laptop, binder, and some other things in as well.