Special Order in Damier? Anyone been there. Sorry I have a lot, but never SO'd.

  1. Does anyone know about the timing or additional cost of getting LV to create a non-Damier piece in Damier?
  2. Hi, I SO'd a Deauville in Damier back in January, still waiting for it. They quoted me 6-8 months and the cost was about 25% more.
  3. It's at least 20% above the regular price of the bag. And there are only limited styles that you can get the non-damier bag in damier pattern from. Let us know what you end up getting.
  4. I wanna know what you're getting too!!!

    I am just loving your avatar... :drool:
  5. I asked about a Mezzo a few weeks ago and was told it would take between 6-8 months and would be around 30% mark-up. Patience is not one of my virtues so I may get a Chelsea. Dying to know what you want SO'd!
  6. check the LV.com page and there is a whole section on SO and custom order items! in the services section.
    What are you thinking of getting?
  7. I SO'd a Damier Mezzo last year. They quoted 6-8 weeks, came in 4. 30% more than Mono Mezzo and TOTALLY worth it!