Special Order idea - what do you all think of..

  1. ..a Damier Zippy Wallet with the red - not brown - lining? I want that red leather lining that looks so good against the Damier check on my Damier Koala Agenda! :drool:


    I love the size, shape, everything about the Damier Zippy Wallet, except for that drab dark brown lining. I'd love to ask for one made specially for me, lined in hot red but with nothing else changed (except perhaps to have my initials heatstamped on the inside). The second pic below is the inside of the Damier Zippy Organizer, the larger version of the Zippy Wallet. Elux don't have a pic of the innards of the Z-Wallet, but I want to show the dark brown colour they have as lining.

    Here's a pic of the inside of the Mono Zippy Wallet to show the layout of these..

    Do you think they'd make this for me? :wondering
  2. YES!!!:yes: doubt they will say...'no...we can't...'

    I love it!!! reddd mmmmmm...+ damier mmm...

    I wonder how much more you have to pay? :confused1:

    but don't you have to wait 5 months?...:confused1:

    :idea:Call! Louis vuitton :tup:
  3. I'd love it in red lining too!
  4. wow , red lining , look HOt !~
  5. My understanding is that you can only s/o bags:yes:
  6. To my knowledge, SO's aren't doable for small leather goods like wallets? Someone please correct me if I'm wrong..
  7. That would be awesome.
  8. Jmzr, I hope you are wrong... :wondering
  9. That would look gorgeous! I don't see why they couldn't do it!
  10. Yes, it would be so simple to do. :yes:
  11. ^^ as smaller items take a longer time to produce I think that is why they limit the special orders to Bags only:yes:
  12. yes, I think you can only SO bags and bigger items like luggage. No accessories I'm afraid. I *think* the time taken for their people to make them is too long for something which they can't charge that much for, kwim?
  13. Ask them! They'll make you a poche documents, so why not a big wallet?:confused1:
  14. sorry they won't SO small leather goods

    it drives me made that there are so many rules on SO's if you are prepared to pay whatever it costs why not do it
  15. Awwwwwwwww...... this isn't looking good! :crybaby: