Special Order Botkiers: Who's in?

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  1. ^^Ok Bryant Hobo in grey...I'm easy....
  2. ok. So that makes it 4 grey bryants

    I will allow this thread to run for the rest of this week- Hopefully allowing time for more to chime in- Then I will ask Botkier
    fingers crossed ladies
  3. SASHA IN JEAN....SASHA IN JEAN....SASHA IN JEAN...SASHA IN JEAN....everyone chant with me....

    Geminiz - what size is your's? I'm actually looking to get one larger then the mini at this point.

    Anyone else besides Ms. Lizardo and myself interested?
  4. mine is the small/medium (not mini or the large)
  5. I'd love an elephant charm in black
  6. I had a feeling. Thanks! Okay....so who else is interested in this gorgeous bag??????? :drool:

    More Pics!!! :heart::heart::heart:
  7. I do! I want the Sasha in Jean in the same size :smile:
  8. ive been trying to find a gunmetal small bianca for YEARS!

    ill take a gunmetal mini or regular hobo vixen too if they have it
  9. Bump please
  10. Out of all her bags, I would have asked for a line of small fabric Triggers in any bright color :smile: (moderately priced, of course)
  11. ^oooo nice
  12. I'd love a medium Bianca in white with gold hardware opposed to silver.
  13. I didn't know they came in fabric. That's cool! I could go for that too.
  14. This is it:
  15. ^that is nice