Special Order: Black 5 Zip Mini Mac with Colored Zippers

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  1. Hello everyone! Please bear with me as I am still new and I will try to do this right, lol. With the wonderful help of TaraP, I have learned how to start this SO and spoke with Nicole through email. She has approved a black mini 5 zip MAC with colored zippered tracks. I was told I only needed 8 ladies to sign up for it, so let's get this started!

    The bare bones of this vision is a plain black mini 5 zip with silver hardware. Still classic, but with an edge with the colored zippers. I told Nicole that i have no idea about interior or exactly which color the tracks would be between pink or blue (as I know you all are a huge fan of the blue) and that we would agree on it eventually. I figured we could have a lot of fun organizing this and finishing it to what exactly we would like. Any ideas you all have, please share!

    Another note: I have noticed that the new mini 5 zips have no zipper on the back, and I asked about putting one on the back of this one. If you are not a fan of that back zipper, please say so. I really would love for this to be a collective effort and nothing is concrete. :smile:

    Bag: Black Mini 5 Zip
    Hardware: Silver
    Zipper tracks: Pink or Blue
    Interior: ?
    Tassels: ? (maybe finished? It has lots of tassels, lol)
    Price: $195

    Like I said, I am very new to this and probably left out something, so all help is appreciated. I would also like to again thank TaraP for helping me out. :smile:
    So, what do you all think? :smile:
  2. Here are a couple of pictures i made in a photo editing program to get a gist of what the bag may look like. Of course, they will be much prettier when they are actually made, but it gives us an idea. :smile:
    image-3375967928.jpg image-1646373628.jpg
  3. That pink one looks killer! Good luck with the SO! :smile:
  4. What a great SO!! I will definitely join if it has pink zipper tracks! :smile:
  5. Congrats on getting approval for this beauty!! Good luck! I'm sure it will fill up fast.
  6. Are you set on pink or blue? I would definitely be in if we could do purple!! I have a MAC with blue ZT and I'm part of the SO on the MAC with the fuschia ZT. So I can't really justify another so similar.. Haha.

    I know there was an SO for a MAM or MAB with purple and I thought it looked awesome! It would definitely be original! Just throwing it out there ;)
  7. .. or maybe red!?
  8. Red is a great idea as well! I am also signed up for the patent quilted Mac with fuchsia, lol. I am sure red could be doable. Really, I just want to make a mini zip with colored zipper tracks because I do not think that has been done before.
    I personally like the pink due to the black cat flu mam I have, but red/black would also match my car, so... :graucho:
  9. I thought the red looked awesome in these two SO's especially the one with the Cheetah lining! It really popped against the black and looked awesome! (the gunmetal HW in the 1st one is pretty sweet too ;) )

    1. http://forum.purseblog.com/rebecca-minkoff-shopping/special-order-black-bw-mab-w-gm-hw-719836-40.html

    2. http://forum.purseblog.com/rebecca-minkoff-shopping/special-order-bbw-mam-w-matte-black-hw-701240-63.html

    I would just be afraid the fuschia and pink would be fairly similar. I'm sure either way you wouldn't have a problem filling it! But i think the red zipper would really seperate the two SO's especially since they are both small bags. and there's also a Mini MAC SO w/ fuschia zipper going on too..

    But If you decide to go with red definitely count me in!
  10. I would join if you all decide on blue zipper tracks :smile: I'll keep an eye on this thread and see how things go!
  11. I'd probably be in if you did blue as well. I do have both a MAC and a MAM with blues but what the heck. I can add one more to the family :graucho:

    But my first choices would still be red or purple since they would definitely be more unique. There are quite a few bags with blue zips out there
  12. I'd be interested in one with pink. Other colors that would be fun would be bright purple or bright green. Green is my favorite color, but doesn't seem to get much love with RM... lol
  13. I'd be very interested in a green!
  14. I love the pink I also will watch this thread and see what you all choose
  15. Do you all think we should pick a few colors and vote? I think we'd have better luck filling it with definite specs already lined up