Special Order: Bicolor Rouge H / Orange HAC 32cm

  1. Hi all! I've just put in a special order for the mid-year podium. It's for a Rouge H Box 32cm HAC, Gold h/w and external contrast stitch. With orange lining/piping.

    The Manager and I discussed it and we decided that a different colour lining would make it an exceptionally special bag. Classic with a twist!

    So I decided on orange lining/piping. I've not seen any H-bags with that combination except for Rouge H vibrato bags which are normally combined with orange.

    What do you think?
  2. baghag21

    Congratulations! That combination sounds great to me and special! Good choice!! Can I ask you - for a special order like yours, does it cost a lot more than the normal HAC in same leather? Thanks in advance.
  3. baghag21, *I* think > :yahoo:

    Can hardly wait to see it!
  4. congrats!! that's a cute color combo :party:
  5. I have seen a 25cm birkin in rouge garance with orange piping and inside lining. It's very cute. There was a Rouge H with orange piping box calf birkin on eBay by Hermes** previously which I thought was rather nice.

    Personally, I would chose cyclamen and rouge h but that's just me...as I've always prefered Orange with brown...
  6. Sounds divine!:love: Can't wait to see it!!!
  7. I think it is going to be so great. I can't wait to see the pictures!!!
  8. baghag21, it will be a very sweet combination. Bi-colour H bags are such fun bags. Congratulations on being granted a SO! To me, the process of deciding on a combo is far more exciting and educational than obtaining the bag in the end!
  9. Ohh, this sounds incredible! Congratulations!
  10. congrats on the SO. your bag sounds very beautiful and unique! you are so lucky to have this opportunity!
  11. Fantastic!! Can´t wait to see pictures!
  12. BH ~ That Sounds Spectacular!!!!
  13. i was wondering, in general is it possible for them to do a contrast lining but not contrast piping? i rarely see this but think it makes the lining a special secret that pops when you open the bag, yet keeps the exterior very sleek.
  14. I can't wait to see it as well!

    Hope it comes swiftly!
  15. Fantastic!!! Congratulations. I hope they make it immediately, just for the fun of playing with those great colors!!!!