Special order azur speedy made like the MC speedies??

  1. I dont think LV would make that..
  2. :wtf:
  3. Damier Azur is too new to do special orders on in general let alone THAT! ... it SCREAM'S fake to me.
  4. eww!! I highly doubt it!
  5. Yeah I agree with rishin, the Azur is too new to SO anything in, but not only that, I believe the design of the MC Speedy is unique to that specific bag. They wouldn't make anything similar..or that weird looking. :wtf:
  6. lol..that's funny! I've seen soooo many fake azur bags here, and the only reason I KNOW (for a fact) they are fake b/c they didn't make it in that style (yet...) ...like a lockit regular, and highbury. I even called 866 just to make sure it wasn't made, and the rep confirmed and was even surprised too.
  7. Oh, wow! I know they don't have that style but I wasnt sure if it was fake or SO. I'm suprised there are so many fakes. I havent seen any in person yet, just in pictures/eBay.
  8. I think the styles of the MC bags are exclusive to MC only! Like, I couldn't SO a mono Trouville that looks like the MC Trouville and vice versa!
  9. :yes:
  10. Eugh i wouldn't like that!
  11. Like Versace boston bag in azur, sorry:yucky:
  12. Is it auth :confused1:

    Ooh just read Bag Fetish's post, fake ;)

    Anyway, how you could shoot this woman?
  13. Blah!!! There goes yesterday's dinner. :throwup: