Special Order available at the KOP STORE!

  1. Hey guys.
    My SA from the King of Prussia Louis Vuitton Boutique just called to tell me she had a SPECIAL order Riviera from the Epi line in but this one was in the monogram material. The retail is the regular Epi price. The bag is to big for me but I thought I would pass this along and maybe someone here might want it. Its an opportunity to have a Special order bag without the 30% premium and wait!
    This is the bag in Epi:
    You guys can CALL ABBY at the King of Prussia Pennsylvania store 610-992-0392 and do me a favor and ask for ABBY only so she will get credit.
  2. That is a stunning bag!
  3. Can you imagine how pretty in Mono? I cant believe the price they are offering. I hope someone from the PF snaps it up!!!
  4. Wow, I bet it's gorgeous ! I hope someone from here takes her home. :biggrin:
  5. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh Selena!!!!! This is gorgeous! I hope hope hope a PF'er gets it!
  6. They have had a few of the Monogram Rivieras available at the regular Epi Riviera price. It's breath taking.
  7. Oo:huh:. i wish i could see it in the monogram....
  8. It is gorgeous in mono. But the giant piece of vachetta scares me -- it seems waiting for fingerprints etc. LOL
  9. what Selena..you arent buying this bag?????????

    LMAO...wow..I never thought I would see the day Selena didnt buy something..HA!HA!HA!
    This is a cute bag..dying to see it IRL..hhmm...may make a trip out tomorrow!
  10. Thanks for the heads-up. I am headed to KoP in a hr for dinner and some shopping. I may stop in the store and check it out :graucho:
  11. I Imagine It Is Gorgeous!!!! It Is Beautiful In Black Epi! :smile:
  12. Jill why are you always picking on Selena?;) :lol: (A shopaholic defending a shopaholic) Hope you don't mind me calling you that Selena :flowers:
  13. I called and left a message for Abbey, hopefully she'll call me back, if no one else has snagged it up...we'll see tomorrow
  14. Pretty!