Special Order anyone?!

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  1. If you have placed your special order in LV, pls chare your experience. I'd like to order a Speedy 30 in EPI mrytile. Will they also count it in special order? Or they will charge Speedy 30 + 25%(for mrytile color)?

    And do you think they can make Seedy 30/35 in Denim? (Not Neo Speedy)
  2. they charge 25% for special orders...?
  3. I saw it on LV website in Chinese version. They said if you want to order a MONO style bag into Damier Canvas, the price is about original bag price + 25%.
  4. thats pretty sweet...
  5. Just check that they didn't list the info of special order in UK / USA website.
  6. It is 25% more then the epi speedy now and 50% down witch you can not get back and when the speedy gets there it is anouther 50%.
  7. I have heard that special orders charge approximately 30%.
    But I would suggest you call Louis Vuitton to get an exact price for what you have in mind. That would be the best thing to do.
    It's interesting that you brought up the speedy 30 in myrtille, because I too wondered why LV never released an epi speedy 30 in myrtille (given that they released the speedy 30 in the other current epi colours).
  8. You know what?... I hope they will release an EPI speedy 30 in Myrtille as regular, so I can save that extra money. LOL :nuts: Becoz EPI speedy 30 + 25-30%, its already enough for a Preforated Speedy.
  9. I ordered a damier cabas piano a year or so ago. The price was 30% more than the mono cabas piano and 50% was required as a deposit. The prices are 30% more switching between mono-> damier or vice versa, I think if you order something in epi it will be even more. Awhile ago someone mentioned trying to order a mini speedy in that lilac and LV quoted it well over 1K :sad:
  10. can i special order a speedy 25 in multicolor monogram?
  11. I've asked this question and they told me no. There is too much work to create it in the 25 size.. If they did it would be great. If they were to do in the speedy 25 size it would have too look just like the mc speedy 30 with all the brass. They say no :weird:

  12. i think it might be the epi speedy price + 30%. NOT the mono speedy price + 30%

    my friend special ordered a epi bag in mytrille .. the St Jacques i believe and it was the price + 30%

    and its 50% deposit upon order and then 50% upon pickup
  13. Yes, I know about the 50/50 payment.

    Where did your friend placed her special order (country) & how long does it take?
  14. she placed it in Australia and was told it would take about 6 months
  15. THX ALOT!