Special Order and prices

  1. Talking about SOs and prices.

    Can you imagine ordering something and it takes 3 years to come ??
    By the time you get it, the price would have gone up SO MUCH :crybaby:

    I know of one client, after 3 years, her bag is still not here :s
  2. Hey, you've described me to a T!

    3.5 years of waiting + 2 price hikes + an extra 20% mark up on all Hermes bags in Oz = a very poor Birkingal and an empty wallet.
  3. From the time you place your SO, till the time you expect to receive your SO, does your SA keep you updated that your SO is still good? Do you get a confirmation upfront that the SO has gone through? Or is it just an acceptance of request at the store level, and it does not mean that the order has escalated to Paris. How can you be sure Paris has it?
  4. Actually, its all in good faith.
    The store won't know when it will come !

    If you are lucky, you get it in 1 year. If not :shrugs:
  5. All SO are taken by the store managers to Paris twice a year (July and Febuary Podiums) when they come back from the Podium they know which So have been accepted and which haven't. So basically, considering that the SM stays about 10 days in Paris, when he comes back he'll tell you whether your SO has gone through or not...At least this is how it works at my store....If your SO hasn't been accepted, you can go on trying as long as you like , at each Podium: there's a client of my SA that wanted a bag in a specific color/leather combo, and her order was refused, so she kept on sending it to each Podium until after 3 years it was finally accepted....! It depends on whether they have that color/leather available at that specific time....:flowers: HTH
  6. Even though your order is accepted, it may take several years to come if it is an exotic. Readily available leathers usually come in 6 to 8 months or so.
    Too bad you cannot put your money for the bag in a CD that would go up as much as the price of the SO bag may go up.
    The long long time to receive some croc SOs explains why those who don't mind paying up, will buy one from a reseller.
    Another thought on why prices are so high... Imagine how much it costs to send all those managers to Paris twice a year......
  7. Actually, Duna, this is what I was trying to explain on Kou's thread. Podium and SO are just slightly different. Podium orders can be rejected because the leather and color you want must be available at the time. If your podium order is rejected then you can special order. Special orders are never rejected and it's a matter of waiting for the leather/color combo you want to pop up. I know this sounds confusing, but I've discussed it with a few people and this is the best I can describe it.
  8. Podium orders are confirmed within a month, if rejected then the item can be SO'ed, which take so much longer. Special orders, once placed, are never rejected unless the leather and/or color you want is no longer available. SO's will get done, it's just a matter of waiting.

  9. OK, I see what you mean HG...Maybe my SA didn't go as far as explaining all this to me; she just said that one goes on sending ones request to Paris until it get's accepted (unless the leather is discontinued, I suppose)...
  10. Well, the only reason I know about this process is because they REJECTED MY PODIUM ORDER!!!!!!:cursing: So..............I had to SO it. I was so confused:shrugs: that my SA had to explain everything to me from square one:lecture: , because I was grilling him on the possibility that my SO may not go through. I guess he figured it was best to explain everything rather than have me badger him every few weeks about whether or not the order went through.:noggin:
  11. :roflmfao: LOL! Yes I can imagine, I think you're as bad as me ! :yes:
  12. I just SO'd a 32 Kelly Sellier Croc Miel last week and my SA said it could take anywhere between 12 - 18mos because the croc is soooo hard to get "right" :sad:

    She's still checking inventory every day but uh, it ain't looking good...

    Ah well...wish I had a Fairy Croc-Mother or something, lol

  13. HG, my podium order was rejected, too. But I did not find out until four months later! And I ordered a very pedestrian (by Hermes standards) bag, too. For the February podium in 2005, I ordered a 25cm rouge H chevre Kelly, sellier, gold h/w. In June of 2005, I received a call from my SA telling me that they were having quality control issues with rouge H chevre. So, I switched to vermillon and the order was placed a month later at the next podium. Would you believe I am still waiting? I would have thought that such a "standard" kind of Kelly would come in fairly quickly. But, my store manager assured me that Paris advised her that the Kelly (and the black togo mini Birkin I ordered in January/February 2006) was coming in shortly. I'm not holding my breath....
  14. Dang, Sue, four months?!:huh: Like I say time and time again, there's no rhyme nor reason to how Hermes works.:shrugs:
  15. I just want to add my friend's story onto this. My friend wanted a raisin vibrato shoulder Birkin - this is someone who drops $100K a year and buys not just bags but scarves and just about everything else. Finally managed to convince someone to place a special order for her. Initially she wanted an inner pocket with the JPG Birkin so they went to order it at the Podium. After Podium they told her it had to be done through the store computer, so that was what they did. Then they told her that they have to get a confirmed Yes from HQ before the order is official, it never happened. So at the next Podium they placed the order again - strangely enough this time it was okay to place it at Podium although this time around my friend decided to forego the pocket. Anyways, after all this there was still no confirmation that her order was accepted.

    Just another example of how weird the SO system is, but I think in my friend's case it was probably just never ordered and they're kind of doing that to make sure she keeps plunking down 100K a year:lol: