special order advice--

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  1. i am planning a july order: been consulting with SA. I really cant decide on a leather....I would like a somewhat stiff leather that will provide shape--I dont much care for the dry hand of epsom or togo. I am leaning toward chevre or vache liagee (which i dont love).......I want an special somewhat dressier look but not an exotic --too flashy for me.:confused1:
  2. What bag style?

    Rigid leather + dressier? IMO, it's Box Calf, Chevre or Vache Liegee. Of the 3, Vache Liegee is THE one that will hold its shape best in a birkin.

  3. thanks mrss-it will likely be a HAC. the only problem is that i cant decide on a color--should i go tan/beige or ? I would prefer chevre
  4. Chevre orders are only being filled in sizes 30cm. --- A 32 cm HAC might go through, but I do know that the 35cm. size was declined, part of ongoing scarcity of chevre....
    Of course, you will want to doublecheck this with your shop, but I just wanted to give you a heads-up, so that you will have a back-up in mind.

  5. Thanks so much --yes i know and i dont want a 35. I was encouraged to chose the chevre and that the 32was a non-issue. there are limited colors though.........i was told bj was a possibility in chevre but not sure i want to do that
  6. i'd love to see bj in chevre!!! never seen it. is this new news?

    pick chevre!!!
  7. Chevre comes in BJ? Is this new news? Below is a recent thread discussing colours and leathers, so it might give you some ideas. Of if you have the time, please visit the Hermes Reference section to look at the colours thread for inspiration.


    There is something that I learnt over time ... the colours/leather offered in one market may differ with that offered in another market. You're planning ahead of the July podium, and at this time, no one knows what will be offered. So it's really ordering in the dark, so to speak.
  8. This is totally true. No one knows for sure what will be available. Good luck!
  9. MrsS, when I put in my last 2 orders I carefully reviewed the available colors in CdC Souple and do not remember seeing BJ offered. However, because I was not able to order anything in a larger size in this leather or in Mysore, it was not what I eventually chose.

    As of right now we are working with the choices given to us at February's Podium and are limited to those color/leather options. That is what I had to base my order off of....if that makes sense. Not until the managers come back from July Podium will we see new options, is that your understanding as well?

    And I agree, that the options really do differ from market to market, so it is hard for us to speak one another. I also, do not like to make aesthetic choices for other people, especially expensive choices that they might have to live with for a long time.
  10. Yes, MrsMorris. This is my understanding as well. There are however some "staple colour/leather combos" that are always assumed to be of no problem, until proven wrong at the podium. And examples of these are Orange Clemence, Potiron Clemence, BJ Clemence, Rouge H Clemence and the whole range of Swift.
  11. I don't know how true this is to your part of the world, MrsMorris. I was told that Chevre Mysore is no longer offered in bags, only small leather accessories because of shortage of supply.

    I presume you were ordering in CDC Souple because CDC is not longer offered? I learnt that Hermes has replaced CDC with CDC Souple since a few seasons ago, but most customers did not know this.
  12. Well MrsS, the entire subject of chevre just makes me sad, because I was actually hoping to order a brightly colored 40cm. Birkin in the original CdC, which was my preference, so you can only imagine that I was a bit disappointed to see my options! That had been my hope simply because I liked the slightly smaller grains of the original and thought that in this larger bag I would want all of the rigidity possible. Alas, it was not to be.
    As you stated, CdC was replaced with CdC Souple, but I was not even able to order a 35cm. Birkin or Kelly in this leather. This is the leather that all of the HACs are coming in and I tried for a 36cm. HAC, but it too was turned down..... I assume that they are only filling orders of 32 cm. and under, but I was really looking for a larger bag.
    As for Mysore, I saw that it actually was available, for orders of 30cm. and under. There were a few lovely colors which my manager said we might want to try for in case they were phasing out Mysore, but I just can't really pull off a 30cm. --- although everytime I look at your stunning avatar, I do regret my choice a bit.
    So that was story on my side of the world, :smile: for the A/W 2007 ordering.

  13. Thanks so much for your clarification:smile:, MrsS! The extent of the range of in Swift is truly overwhelming. There are some really lovely colors there, as Swift leather takes color beautifully.
  14. MrsS and MrsMorris: Thank you for these posts!!!!! I have just gotten so much more educated! Thank you! By the way, when you talk about availability being different in different areas, I am wondering what constitutes an "area"? Is the US one area?
  15. Hi luv2shophandsbags, it has been my understanding that an area, or a market is generally defined by a continent --- such as the U.S. or Asia....However, I may be off on this and the market offerings may get a bit more specialized within Asia and Europe. All I really do know is that the USA is one market. I hope that clears it up a little bit.