Special Olympics

  1. My university is hosting some Special Olympics events this weekend, I'm curious, has anyone here ever worked with the Special Olympics? What a worthwhile organization, everyone involved today seemed so happy! I'm going to try to volunteer next time there's a local event.
  2. I haven't but I've spent a lOT of time w/ my good friend's Down Syndrome brother while he was 'training' and I ADORE him! I can only imagine how fun and fulfilling it would be to volunteer!:heart:
  3. I am not involved other than monetary donations but it is TOTALLY a worthwhile and great cause.

    My cousin has some disabilities and was not expected to live past the age of 3. He is now 15! He gets SO excited about his Special Olympics when there is an event! They really make it special and fun for the kids competing. Sometimes there are groups that even get to travel to events (my cousin only does instate things, I don't know exactly how it works) they have parties, and it has just been such an amazing thing for him to be involved with... highly recommend supporting them!