Special offer on Tano bags to TPF members from Must Have Bag

  1. OK girls... get your credit cards ready! Purse Forum members take $20 off any in stock Tano bags purchased 5/4-5/13! Current free shipping promo also applies. Just email me (alexandra@musthavebag.com) after you place your order online, and mention the purse forum offer, and we will credit $20 per bag back to your card. (Our site doesnt have coupon codes, so thats the only way we can do it.) Please email me with any questions. Does not apply to special orders or pre-orders.
  2. Thank you Alexandra! That is so wonderful of you to offer that to us. :yahoo:
  3. ooh awesome!
    i am definitely taking advantage of this!

    thanks Alexandra!
  4. I want to know what's going to be the biggest seller! Will it be the Sex Bomb? The Love Boat? Let us know when all's said and done!:yes:
  5. As per your request, here's the report of what's selling this season:wlae:

    #1- boogie bucket
    #2- exact tie for 3 bags: sex bomb, stevie kicks and hollywould.
    #3- exact tie for cookie bucket and bottle blonde

  6. How dark is the brown trim on the cookie bucket IRL? Is more like saddle/cognac or true dark chocolate-y color?

    Thanks for the offer, very generous of you. So much for my self-imposed bag bans! :shrugs:
  7. Hey Alexandra,
    Do you have a picture of the sexbomb in the cobalt blue? How does it look?
  8. do your kids know how cool you are, alexandra?
  9. wow! that's a special treatment for tpf members indeed! :biggrin:
  10. Does that include us members who dont live in the USA?
    I love the 'Old school' Tano in 'Lily'...:yes:
  11. how can i not get a tano now... yeah so much for purse bans...

    m looking for a messenger style bag n i love the brown contrasting straps on my heroin. just deciding btn the island sand or celeste now. alexandra, is the island sand colour more beige or a more off white/ivory colour? would prefer a more neutral n easier colour to match like the island sand rather than the celeste but don't want too beige-y a bag. the colour of the celeste looks different in the 2 pics u have so m wondering if the actual island sand is darker or lighter or the same as the pic.
  12. Wow! Thanks. I've been looking at a few Tanos lately. Here's my chance to try them.
  13. We ship to the Uk. Its $35 by global express for 1 bag, with nothing due upon delivery. Free shipping doesnt apply to International orders, but the $20 discount does.
  14. Hey Alexandra, might want to post this great special in the DEALS and STEALS section too..some folks go right there and may not see this thread. Thanks for your great offer, I will have to shop you this weekend!
  15. Island sand is really a beige color, not an ivory. Its literally like the color of beach sand. There is an off white color in the cloud leather which, ironically, Tano calls "bright white" even though its not. Celeste is like a washed turqoise. The blue is definitley more limited than the beige, but its really pretty!