Special Muse... have you seen this already?

  1. Introducing the YSL Muse Indian Pink Satin Mini Tuxedo Bag...

    Girlie huh? Are those diamonds? :graucho: :heart:

    Will be out this fall

  2. thats so cute, the diamonds and color of course!! (im not a fan of the muse)
  3. LOVE THE COLOR! LOVE THE PINK!! oh my god.want this
  4. the color looks so yummy!!!
  5. Gorgeous, I love the colour.. but it's probably a little out of my budget !
  6. Oh wow! I like it! What a pretty color.
  7. yeah that item will be real expensive...pretty though
  8. I just got a call this week from YSL in Beverly Hills. She left me a message saying that there are going to be a ton of bright fun colors in the Muse this Fall. I have not called her back yet, but will post what I find out! Cannot wait to see the rest of the fall bags!
  9. I wouldn't want to walk around with diamonds on my purse. I'm likely to get knocked over the head for it.
  10. Love this bag! Can't wait to see it IRL.
  11. ^^Oooo! Please call her back and let us know!:flowers:
  12. I like!:biggrin::yes:
  13. I'm in the minority on this one. I love the Muse, but this bag makes me nauseous. Why, YSL, why? So tacky!
  14. hmmm...not sure of its size, but it would make a gorgeous evening purse in satin and diamonds!:love: I :heart: pink!
  15. That's really cute. I love the color and the satin.