Special Miu Miu in pink, yay or nay?

  1. hi ladies. this is a special edition for a new store opening in hong kong. what do u think? should i get it? i love pink a lot, it's around HK$9600, ie. US 1230. thanks :p
  2. I like the looks of the bag a lot. If you love pink, then go for it!! I tend to stay with more neutral colors.
  3. Wow~! That's definetly very... well, Pink! LOL! Very girly and fun! Does your wardrobe have clothes to match? If so, go for it! :tup:
  4. I really like the lines of the bag but yes, if you're going to wear pink a lot of just outfits that are simple and you want the bag as your focus, go for it. Not a bad price either.
  5. I say get it....:tup:
  6. I like it! :smile: Pretty design and if you love pink, that's a good one!
  7. I'm not crazy about the shade of pink. It's too in the middle for me. I like either pale pink or in your face fuschia pink. That one has a purple tint to it.

    For the money I'd rather have a Coffer.
  8. love it.
  9. OMG! if i was in hong kong i would have had that already:smile: sooo cute!
  10. it's interesting - a bit too pink for me but i do think it's nice :smile:
  11. it's so beautiful!! I love pink too!
  12. I quite like the design of the bag, however, the pink is a bit too much for me: I would prefer the baby pink...But nevertheless, if you're really into pink, then it's quite a cute bag.
  13. thanks ladies. just wanna let you know that there're only 100 pieces for this bag and it's been sold out in 1.5 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. sooo..... Did you get it?? :nuts: :nuts:
  15. I saw this style bag in another color in Miu Miu and I really liked the style, even though it was quite large. The pink is just too pink for me. But seeing as it is LE no wonder it sold out quick!