Special limited LV in LA art exhibition

  1. I just read this on my fashion magazine that there will be an exhibition on Takashi Murakami's art. There will be limited LV pieces thats specially made for this event. Anyone heard of this?
  2. Yes, my SA told me about it because one of my gf's was about to get a Nerverfull for school. He said that there will be a special exibit in LA. They are making a Neverfull with the colorful LV logo in front with a character. (do a search someone posted a pic of this bag not too long ago!) Also there will be other things, he mentioned that there is a really cute agenda coming out for the LE's.
  3. Yap. The neverfull with the cute LV logo from the murakami jewelry case.. Hmmm, I kinda like that but I dont think I'm able to fly over to LA just for that bag. Grrrr..
  4. Oh that would be a fantastic show to go too. Integrating purses into anything would be fun for me!! LoL
  5. ugh that sounds so good!