Special K Fruit Crisp commercial-COACH Maggie???

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  1. OK, you gal's have gotta help me OUT!!! Tell me I'm not seeing Coach where there is NO COACH to be seen!!!! LMAO

    It's a Special K Fruit Crisp Bar commercial, gal's in a bright RED trench in a little coffee shop tempted by a breakfast roll. Is that a Coach Maggie on her shoulder?? I think I saw a hangtag chain and it looks like the right shape!!!

    HELP!!!! Tell me I don't need even MORE med's!!!!! LOL
  2. LOL I just went to youtube to search for it. I am not sure if it is a maggie, but with the hangtag, it sure looks like a Coach. Good eyes!!
  3. I watched it too. It looks like a patent graphite maggie.
  4. I saw that commercial on tv too and I thought the same thing. LoL
  5. I have seen that commercial too
    ITA the tag looks like Coach
  6. That is so cool... I thought the same thing..
  7. YEAH!!!! Maybe I'm not certifiable!!!! <-----atleast not because of this anyway!!! LMAO
  8. I catch myself looking a what bags are being carried whenever I watch the boob tube. LMAO
  9. It's definitely a Maggie!
  10. just watched it!! definitely a coach maggie!! good eye
  11. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha...my husband thinks I'm SUCH a nut job right now!! LOL
  12. I saw this commercial too!!
  13. I find myself doing the same thing when I watch TV or a Move... It is odd but in some Moves and Tv shows they use alot of Coach...
  14. That's funny guys. Good eyes!
  15. It does look like a Maggie - with nothing in her!! LOL
    Cool to see Coach in a commercial!!

    Lynne :biggrin: