Special K diet- me starting today

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  1. ok... well i am OFFICIALLY starting this.. by making this thread i now have to fall thru with it for at least 2 weeks..

    its 8:10am. i have to get ready for work.. i just had my bowl of special K and now that im talking about the diet.. im hungry:confused1: haha. lets see how well i do..

    ok at astarting point.. im 5'9 and am a size 32 in sevens/jicy etc.. which is a US 12.. but im a tight 32 in sevens like i can bareley breathe!!!

    so hoefully after this lil test i will be a nice 32.. in any case.. im goign to monitor my progress and whas going on.. daily.. haha for those that find this thread boring.. just humor me.. i will keep posting and let you know how its going..

    untill later.. ciao:flowers:
  2. Oh, cool! I really need to start a diet too! Hopefully you can achieve your goals! I think you will make it! Just don't become like Nicole Ritchie, wayyy to skinny.
  3. haha.. i couldnt even if i wanted too. hhaha i dont have that will power. and im much bigger than she ever was...

    teehee.. anywayz. would like to fit size 30-31 thats the ultimate goal. but as SO is coming soon.. would like to be abit trimmer
  4. I did this diet 2 years ago.
    It did work for me. I think I lost 4 kilos (sorry I count in kilos !!!) It was a time I wasn't cheking my scale every morning so I don't really know how much time it took but I would say... hmmm... in 5 weeks probably.
    I think it's a good diet if you want to lose slowly and not regain on weight after.
  5. thans!! i work in kilos too..

    am excited about it. its 11 im still not hungry,.. so im guessin ill have lucnh then maybe a peice of fruit or somethng as a snack
  6. I did this one 4 years ago. It DOES work but holy moly, is it ever BORING!!! not to mention that unless you replace the cereal calories with comparable calories in "real food" the weight comes right back! :shrugs:
  7. Baby boo lemme know how it goes. Like if you get super hungry during the day or not.

    So how does it really work?
    You just eat special K for two meals a day? and then the 3rd as you normally do.
    I think I might do this. I really want to lose some weight.

    I'm 5'4 and about the same size in jeans, I wish I was a bit taller so my weight would be distributed vertically instead of horizontally.:crybaby:
  8. I tried the Special-K diet and I failed. The cereal is so bland that I didn't make it through a whole box.
  9. the cereal is a bit boring.. but i eat the one with fruits and i quite like it

    well.. its now 645 i had a peice of chicken breast for lunch with some steamed vegies and a small fruit salad...

    im a bit peckish now but nothing major.. i want popcorn but cant find any in paris.. someone help.

  10. you got the gyst of it.. you replace 2 meals ideally breakfast and dinner with special k. and then u should have a scnak of the special k bar and apiece of fruit as a snack.. my friend did it and lost LOADS.. so lets see
  11. its 10pm about to go to bed.. i didnt have special k for dinner.. i had a small bowl of salad and (soooo ashamed) ice cream.. but only a mini one.. a mini lil snack sized one.. ooooo i know its soo bad but i had salad.. thats good right

    teehee.. going to bed now.. hopefully tomorrow will be abetter day.
  12. What I don't like about this diet is that it's a "quick fix". Unless you continue to eat this low-calorie diet consistently, the weight comes back. But it's a catch-22, since it's not healthy to eat such a low number of calories for prolonged periods of time. Actually, it's not good to eat a super low calorie diet anytime! What works is an actual lifestyle change, not a temporary change in eating. A bowl of Special K is hardly filling, it has almost no protein.

    Don't be ashamed of eating one mini ice cream! One treat won't kill you ;)

    Anywho, this is just my two cents. Good luck in achieving your goal :smile:
  13. Baby Boo.. I just started a month in a half ago seeing a nutritionist to solve this weight issue :confused1: I am 5'3 and was weighing 158 I really didnt think I was going to make it not even a week! Well I have currently lost 12lbs with just some changes and little tips!

    3-4 egg whites
    rice krispies, corn flakes or special k, shredded wheat
    2% milk
    light wheat bread (once a day either lunch or breakfast)
    fruits (amount has to fit in hand) (either lunch or breakfast)

    1 slice of turkey (either at breakfast or lunch)
    1 slice of cheese (a day)
    small piece of chicken (remove excess skin)
    small salad
    tuna in water
    broiled fish (no salmon)

    baked turkey
    broiled sirloin steak
    filet mignon
    tuna in water

    Extra Tips:
    replace sugar with splenda
    salad dressings (vinergarette, olive oil, vinegar, lemon)
    i cant believe its not butter
    less salt
    try having juices only at (breakfast & lunch)
    take any visible fat off meats
    try to limit your alcohol drinking:shrugs:
    no diet sodas
    do not skip a meal
    no snacking
    no rice (1x a week)
    pasta (1x a week)

    And well you cant forget lots of Water (crystal light);)

    I can guarantee you that you wont even feel like youre on a diet! The first week is a little hard but then you get use to it. I highly recommend these little alterations and you will see a difference.. The second week you even start to see less bloating, etc

    And try walking atleast 30 min 3x's a week!
    Hope this helps! Any other questions you can drop me a message anytime.:cutesy: :biggrin: :tender:
  14. WOW... thanks soooo much..

    so the options listed above you can have one of each thing??

    i currently walk to work everyday and back and i would say in total its baout 20mins of walkin and 3-5mins of the stairmaster... i know that i need to incorporate more in there.. but im lazy

    i have a bad attraction to sweets. i have a VERY sweet tooth and this is my biggest issue
  15. I understand you with the sweets!! And well imagine me coming from a Cuban home rice, beans, pastas, fried EVERYTHING!! Its hard but I just think to myself in 3 months per say I can have what I want atleast once a week and well in time, diet all week and cheat a little on the weekend :upsidedown:

    Just try to make yourself a little meal like i usually for breakfast I have toast & eggs or toast and a glass of milk, cereal with milk & a fruit, etc. At Lunch I'll have a salad with chicken, a sandwich (if no toast at breakfast), or small piece of chicken or fish And at Dinner I keep it simple to just a Grilled Chicken Breast or Grilled Tilapia with a salad.

    And about the sweets try to get something that you like thats a little on the healthy side that will help with the sweet tooth like a little piece of dark chocolate which is the healthiest (ill try to find some solutions for you on that online)

    Keep walking and just try to add 5 min more a day little by little dont feel pressure thats how we lose interest and give up!