Special K challenge?

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  1. Hi everyone! I'm trying the Special K challenge and I have to admit..i don't know how people do it! I eat 2 Special K waffles in the morning w/a granola bar and carrots. Then I'm STARVING until lunch...and i'm only suppose to have a bowl of cereal!? I don't understand.....has anyone else done this and had success? I know people have had success but I'm wondering for those of you that have had success with it...how do you feel full?

  2. I did the Special K Challenge a few years ago... back when your choice was cereal OR cereal for two meals. I just remember my bowls getting bigger and bigger as time went on...:rolleyes:

    Good luck!
  3. my sister and her roomies just did it in prep for their spring break in cancun. the reason it works is bc ur starving urself
  4. UGH! I figured it was too good to be true...but then I don't understand how they can promote this!?
  5. I've done it before, but was so miserable after the first week that I just stopped it all together. But when I did it, the only choices were what kind of cereal to have each time. And there were only like 2 kinds.

    Personally I think it was just a waste.
  6. Yeah, I don't really like this because it's like a temporary fix. It'll work for a while and you'll lose the weight... but then when you go back to your normal eating, it'll come right back. There's no way I'd be able to live on 2 meals of special K for the rest of my life! I think it's better just to gradually make permanent dietary changes (and allow cheating sometimes) to live a healthier lifestyle!
  7. I shied away from this as I've followed a carbohydrate addict diet, which means low/no carbs for breakfast and lunch and consume them with dinner. That way you're not constantly feeling unsatisfied and hungry all day.

    I've pretty much sworn off cold cereal in the past few years. I was raised on it as a way to get nutrition I suppose, but it only made me hungrier the rest of the day and never satisfied me.
  8. I think that Zona Diet is a bit difficult to get used to, but it has great results. You feel lighter, less sleepy.
  9. I always wondered how people could live on that diet. Whenever i eat a bowl of special k, it is NEVER satisfying and i end up having 2 more! It's basically just rice and air, so it makes sense..

    If i were you i would trade out the refined carbs for something more nutritious, like yogurt and granola. Keeps you full MUCH longer! Add a banana or other fruit and you will definitely not be hungry by lunch.