Special Items Price Help

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  1. Hi,
    I am interested in the prices of some special item collection bags.
    How much are these three bags in Great Britain? I hope, that somone can help me ;)

  2. i dont think they cost very much but i do think the boutiques charge flat rates that are rather high to ship. you might do better price wise buying off ebay. im sure other gals will chime in too :tup:
  3. I think I recall someone saying the flat shipping fee is $20.
    As for the price of each item, I'm afraid I can't help you - I wish I lived near a MbMJ boutique myself!!
  4. i read on one thread that the boutique charges $65 flate rate for international (+ duties) that's why i decided to purchase my MJsi goods via ebay. less hassle for me! :tup:
  5. the prices are listed on marc jacobs. you can see it when you click on the item itself. to get a good idea of how they'd be in gbp, i'd use a currency converter.


    second option is to call the london mbmj boutique. i'm sure they have most if not all of these items in stock.
  6. Thank you for your help!
    Unfortunately the prices seem to be very different in each currency.
    Someone offers me to buy something of this special item collection in London, but i have to prepay it. Otherwise the shipping really would be too high ;)